49 thoughts on “I start college on Monday. I'm 23. What should I wear? Picrel is how i normally dress

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          the world’s a stage and you have to perform it, I guess. everyone’s very interesting on the inside, but the game is getting people to recognise that from the outside. so, sit up a little straighter, and practice the inane smalltalk until you develop a rapport with the people you sit near. good luck

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            >everyone’s very interesting on the inside, but the game is getting people to recognise that from the outside
            that’s a good way to put it. I used to be like OP in middle/high school, I was terrified about people finding out about my autistic interests and hobbies. My life definitely improved once I started not giving a shit about hiding my powerlevel in both how I dressed and how I acted to others

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      I think the hair and glasses are the only two things which you should never do by themselves. The rest of the stuff is fine but boring, and in combination makes a boring fit. You need one piece in your fit that’s more interesting.

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      don’t follow trends and be more bold when choosing your clothes, don’t go with the easiest/subtle pieces… but you gott back that up with your personality and other style choices.
      I.E You won’t look rebelious with a combover hairstyle

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t have a gaygy loser haircut
      don’t wear a disgusting NPC tier plastic jacket
      don’t wear gay autism pajeet shoes
      don’t wear a grey plastic polo shirt


      I start college on Monday. I’m 23. What should I wear? Picrel is how i normally dress

      for you since you obviously don’t really have your own style yet, I wouldn’t tell you to go all in on a certain look. That’s something you figure out on your own over time. I’d say get contact lenses and non-chud glasses frames. jeans are probably okay, but I’d get sneakers instead of running shoes. Vans, converse, something like that. Shouldn’t cost too much. replace the polo with a mix of solid color cotton t-shirts along with maybe some graphic tees. Usually on campus you’ll end up getting a free shirt or two, shirts from clubs, etc. The puffer is pretty common but I think a hoodie or sweatshirt from your student store will look better.

      picrel isn’t a total departure from what you currently wear but you’ll look a lot better while still not standing out. And, it shouldn’t be too expensive to do.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pick an item or two from your wardrobe that you really like and try to figure out what style they best fit into. You don’t have to follow trends or anything, just start thinking about how your clothes go together and what the fit says about you.

    The problem with picrel is that the clothes don’t go together in a way that looks intentional, so you end up looking like a nondescript npc

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like the type of dude that wants to be a rapist but doesn’t have the balls to. so…become an actual rapist, perhaps?

  3. Anonymous says:

    First of all, get a better haircut and contact lenses. Lose fat if you’re fat. Build muscle if you’re skinny. Fix your posture if it sucks. All that will seriously upgrade the way you look more than clothes ever will.

    As for what to wear, it depends a lot on the type of college and where and how you want to look. College appropriate is basically never wrong so as your sort of base, go get some faded black and blue straight leg jeans, a pair of sneakers like white Air Force 1s or Chuck Taylor’s or Vans or something, white or black t-shirts, short sleeve and long sleeve, and then a oxford grey crewneck sweatshirt with your college on it for layering. Get a hat in your school colors if you’re American. Then you go and slowly acquire more colors of jeans, assorted wool sweatshirts, assorted fleece zip ups, and puffers or parkas for when it’s cold. You experiment with different shoes. But your base is faded jeans, plain tee, sweatshirt. You get the idea.

    Alternatively, you can go to a casual fashion website like Everlane and just copy what the models are wearing but add in more college branded and Ivy stuff. That is a look that most of your peers would think looks good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel like your clothing should not be your first concern. This starterpack has way more to do with the way of being, the clothing is secondary to that. What you need is social skills and being able to show people your personality and make them like you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    these white boys always been cool as heck. They are probably closeted /pol/tard racists but they will never say it out loud so idc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I work at a college, 98% of the students dress like complete slobs (sweatpants or jeans and hoodies). I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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    Is there really no style out there that calls out to you? You don’t like any underground music, you’re not involved with any radical politics, you don’t watch too much anime? There has to be something you can work off of to stop being so boring

    if all else fails, you can just wear baggier jeans and a baggy t shirt like every other zoomer

  8. Anonymous says:

    Keep the puffer, get black or brown cargo pants — loose fit or baggy depending on your silhouette. Get some white sneakers, new balance or reebok. Get a size up or oversized tshirt(neutral colors or white), any image will do if you want one.

    The you are Monday college-core

  9. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately it’s impossible to really give you any advice because you’ve admitted you don’t really care for any of the clothes you own and don’t have anything you’d really like to buy to improve your look. No one can decide how you should look. Your style is an expression of your taste and personality. Start going to malls or looking online and assembling a collection of things you’ve seen that you like.

  10. Anonymous says:

    >all my friends tell me i have good fashion
    >my few female friends tell me im stylish
    >complimented by friends, male and female, and co workers on my hair
    >told i’m objectively not ugly and quite decent looking, especially fine cheekbones
    >never had a gf, can barely talk to people, social reject
    so how do I fix this? Do I just have insane imposters syndrome or something, how do I stop being an incel even when I look fine

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no idea why you think your appearance matters. Social skills and positivity are all that matters when meeting women. You can wear the dumbest shit and meet women. It’s like 5% influence on your results.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dubs and I guess that’s actually really true.
        It’s because up till my like junior year, i dressed autistically. As in, I didn’t care about my appearance at all and wore what my parents got me. So I figured maybe looking good and dressing well would help me but you’re right. I am just an autistic loser at heart and need to fix that soon.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There was this obscurely asian-ish kid in high school that fit OP’s pic to a T. I named him Aboc. It stood for "Angry Bird On Crack." I don’t remember the joke but the name took and the teachers all called him Aboc as well as the students. Nobody knew his name kek. I think the joke ended up making him feel included and helped him come out of his shell a bit even though we were making fun of him

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    it comes down to the glasses + shoes for me and that’s extremely easy to fix. worst case just go to warby parker and buy literally any pair, then buy a pair of black sambas and you’re set

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