I Only Wear Work Clothes. Roundhouse Work Pants, Button-Up Dickies Shirts.

I am 5’11" 145lbs dark hair, White male with colored eyes. I have thick, healthy hair, probably about 16" long.

how should I dress?

I am a trade worker, so function over form during the day. on evenings and weekends, my wife and I homestead. full monty: gardens, lots of livestock, building projects, homestead improvement & expansion. rustic lives.

we rarely leave the homestead. I rarely put on "good clothes" and we only dress to 9’s once a year.

my wife is a smokeshow. i would like to be a compliment to her aesthetic when we are out in public. I feel like I should have a "style" outside of work clothes.

18 thoughts on “I Only Wear Work Clothes. Roundhouse Work Pants, Button-Up Dickies Shirts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope so?

      I doubt I would be seen as "/fashion/" (had to look that up).

      I wear the brown duck double knee pants, and a Dickie’s (or similar) button up work shirt. I also wear Roundhouse’s brown duck, double knee, overalls. I wear steel toe work boots.

      once every 3 or 4 months we go play poker at a friend’s house. I still usually just wear my "good Roundhouses" that have never been worked in, and a graphic t-shirt.

      outside of that, it goes straight to suits, jackets, dress pants, cravats, and loafers. I have no in-between.

      how does a "new" middle-class "old guy" dress these days? what is a proper style?

      • Anonymous says:

        Get a pair of blue jeans and a button down shirt. Flannel maybe or just solid color. Tucked or untucked. Get a pair of non steel toed boots. They’re more comfortable tk wear anyway

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m with you on the other two, but sneakers and jeans are so universal by this point that this is pretty silly advice. Don’t wear them to the opera, church or a nice restaurant, but purging them from your wardrobe entirely isn’t realistic.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Put your hair up when you go out. You don’t have to cut it, but groom and style it better. Avoid the man bun; wear it like the guys in samurai movies do theirs.

    • Anonymous says:

      my hair is pulled back in a single-band ponytail, 100% of the time. necessary for my trade work & farm lifestyle.

      OP pic was for our anniversary photo.

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