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I no longer feel any sadness, depression or loneliness.

I've been wageslaving since 2017 and I just recently quit last April and all the shit that is making me sad is gone.
I've been neeting ever since, living with my parents now, spending most of the hours in day inside my room, sleep and wake up whenever I want, just play vidya whenever, pig out.
I feel free, I feel no obligations, I feel contented, comfy and fat and happy.
I no longer care about getting a gf, getting laid, socializing, having 0 friends, being alone or being a neet.
The only downside is that I no longer find the depressing movies, songs, games and chinese cartoons entertaining or relatable. They became a snoozefest to me, so I don't consume that genre anymore.
I also became somewhat of "Sigma", although still ugly as a troll and still out of shape. I go outside to buy shit without taking a shower or looking after my appearance anymore. I no longer care about what people think about my receeding hairline and shit.
Is this just in the beginning of NEETdom and will it pass? Anyone else feeling the same?

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Yeah I'm getting there. Once you really dive in and stop caring it feels liberating. Not just realizing life is a meme but really feeling it.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    >I became a "sigma male"

    No, you havent. This just signals that are you extremely deep in cope and denial. You didnt beat your depression, youve just repressed your emotions very deep inside your core and you will eventually blow up when it all resurfaces.

    >Hey everyone I am a "sigma male" which means I am a cool independent hugely successful person because I *rolls dice* stink like shit and look like shit and dont care anymore

    Fucking lol.

    • 2 weeks ago

      >stink like shit and look like shit and dont care anymore
      Yup. Never been happier.

      • 2 weeks ago

        It's your life to live but dont call yourself 'Sigma male' because you are a disgusting slob.

        Its all a scam anyway. Theres no such thing as a sigma male. Its a marketing strategy used by pick up artists to try and raise the self esteem of people like yourself. Why? because people who are certain they have no chance of ever being successful are not interested in buying books about becoming successful. Stop using labels to try and raise your self esteem is all garbage

        If you want self respect you should at least be clean and look after yourself rather than calling yourself some made up label to try and make our youre a winner...

        • 2 weeks ago

          >self respect
          I can live like this because I have self respect. I'll clean myself if I feel dirty. If you don't like it come and stop me. Die.

    • 2 weeks ago

      u sound like a bitch lol

  3. 2 weeks ago

    That sounds very nice friend. Enjoy it.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    > Not caring
    > Liberating
    Well. It seems to me like you've only ever built your life around how others perceive you, like an idiot.

    Now that you've shed that, you basically let yourself go to shit because you never took care of yourself for your own sake. You only ever did anything because you thought it's what others expected.

    Which pretty much explains majority of society, and you incels. Most of your complaints just come from bullshit ideas you ironically buy into, but ended up on the opposite of.

    You're playing the same game. You're just losing.

    • 2 weeks ago

      >dont built your like by what others think
      >ok now listen to me tell you how you should live
      you're just like the other people

      • 2 weeks ago

        I literally in no way told you how to live.

        You're an idiot on top of everything I said.

  5. 2 weeks ago

    I feel the opposite way. I was a shut-in NEET from 2002 to 2020 (not a typo).

    My first job two years ago had an intense schedule. 6 days a week at a restaurant with 60 hour work weeks.

    Now I have a more blended schedule between NEETdom and wagecuckery. Does the same thing not appeal to you?

    It's nice having some level of financial independence and being able to save for the future. I currently have a job where I work 3 days a week. The shifts are 12 hours long so I tend to get 36 hours a week. The other 4 days, it's like I just NEET it up. Stay up late, sleep in, play video games, eat junk food and do whatever I want. Being on my own and in my room for so many hours is not good for my psychological state, though. I tend to get more depressed and socially anxious and can feel myself reverting to like I used to be so I need to start finding some hobbies or take some random flights to Jamaica or the Bahamas or Denver to see Wilco at Red Rocks in September.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    God I want to quit everything. My girlfriend who I need to eggshell around and respond to promptly and properly lest there be drama. My stupid job that stresses me out and leaves me ADHD. I just want to do whatever I feel like and fuck Chlamydia ridden tinder dates raw. I'm never going to own a house worth anything, nor do I want a family. Fuck it.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    you're a pussy and you will die of depression at age 41

  8. 2 weeks ago

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    Your real suffering has just begun.

    Now, take a moment, and picture yourself as a butterfly.

    There are four main stages in the butterfly's life:

    1. Egg

    Eggs are laid on plants by the adult female butterfly.

    You were given birth by your lovely mom. God bless her for what is she dealing with...

    2. Caterpillar: The Feeding Stage

    The job of the caterpillar is to eat and eat and eat.

    The problem is, my dear internet stranger, that you ate toxic leaves throughout your whole juvenile life. For whatever reason...

    3. Pupa: The Transition Stage

    When the caterpillar is full-grown and stops eating, it becomes a pupa. The pupa of butterflies is also called a chrysalis.

    Depending on the species, the pupa may be suspended under a branch, hidden in leaves, or buried underground. The pupa of many moths is protected inside a cocoon of silk.

    This stage can last from a few weeks, to a month, or even longer. Some species have a pupal stage that lasts for two years.

    So as you can see. There is a lot of range. From a few weeks to a few years. It may look like nothing is going on but big changes are happening inside you.
    You, even though stagnated from many points of view, are changing constantly. But for a worse, and only worse. Remember that.
    You, because of all the shit you ate as a young caterpillar, are becoming a radiated monstrosity inside that pupa.
    And the longer you are in that cacoon, the longer mutations keep going on.

    4. Adult: The Reproductive Stage

    You refuse to hatch. You are scared. You rather wish to remain secluded in your pupa so you can protect your disillusion from other predators.

    You somehow finally transition to a butterfly after years and years but because you were so long inside, your hideous wings don't work. They are benumbed.

    You are an eyesore. A horror. You are so ugly, fat, and disfigured, that humans are scared of you and the whole local flora is traumatized by you.
    You can't carry out your single fucking task. Reproduction.

  9. 2 weeks ago

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    • 2 weeks ago

      why don't you just become a public accountant or something? that shit looks easy.


  10. 2 weeks ago

    is the outfit really supposed to fit like this or is it just too small for her body

  11. 2 weeks ago

    >living with my parents
    >spending most of the hours in day inside my room, sleep and wake up whenever I want, just play vidya whenever, pig out
    >I feel free, I feel no obligations, I feel contented, comfy and fat and happy.
    >I no longer care about getting a gf, getting laid, socializing, having 0 friends, being alone or being a neet.
    I've been exactly like this shortly after i finished mandatory education.

    Everything was just mellow and enjoyable. I remember waking up feeling relaxed and going to bed feeling relaxed with no regrets. I was eating junk for pleasure, i was fat and i didn't care about having gf, friends or anything else because i knew it's never going to happen. It's been like this for long years until one day i stumbled across some cringy "gym motivation" video and it changed my life for worse. Ever since i started to take care of my body i feel nothing but regret and self hate. If i started this early i could probably have a chance to live a normal life.

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