I need a priest

how do you know who you can trust?

  1. 1 week ago

    trust jannies to leave your posts alone

  2. 1 week ago

    you should have a strong intuition if youre on this board so go based off gut instinct i promise it works

  3. 1 week ago

    you can trust everyone

  4. 1 week ago

    What kinda priest
    I can do battle martian priest
    sun priest
    i'm a druid
    eldritch monstrosities too, I can do red cthulhism, shub niggurath, yog shottoth, chutlhu, yith, mi-go as well as all sorts and reliably any and all kind of real space star map and charts of xenos

    Like wtf we supposed to offer you hahahah

    • 1 week ago

      I'ma do an addendum and just say, just trust someone who's human and you know they are a human within a human, and that's already enough for most normal humans.

  5. 1 week ago

    good relationships with your priest start in childhood

  6. 1 week ago

    just make sure its 100 organic certified and not animal tested

  7. 1 week ago

    >go to a sermon
    >listen to him
    >thereby gage his knowledgability

  8. 1 week ago

    If you can type it here, I will read it in good faith though I do not consider myself a priest.

  9. 1 week ago

    Trust is hard to come by and never guaranteed; built over time and commonality.
    One can trust oneself to the same extent as one's self-honesty.
    When trust is unavailable, one must not trust, but instead rely on facts and information.

  10. 1 week ago

    They won’t ask anything of you, nor will they seek you out,

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