I just don't want love

Most of the people really long for the "true love" (if that exist) to come. Me..emmmm..no! I don't know what they think. I mean: every body gets hurt when they are in love. Everybody. Even if you fin the coolest man or woman in the world. It is like the song: everybody hurts. The point is that I'm human and one part of me want to expirience that to. I'm not a robot and I know that I can be in love if the rigth man is there but I really don't want to do it.I don't know why people falls in love and then they say it is wonderful because it is a lie.

To be true, I haven't been in a relationship but I have watched the people sorround me falling in love. Only some very lucky ones, I can say,are made for each other. In fact, only one or two couples. That means that the "true love" or however you wanna call it is very rare. It happens just to special persons in special moments. Why beeing naive and think that is going to happen to me?????????? Most of the ones who read this probably doesn't have anything wrong or bad in you or your personality. Probably you are ten times better person that the ones who have this special love that, even if sometimes hurt, is worth it. So,why the hell do you wine so much????? You problably will be hurt but that will come with beauty and It will be so little in comparation with the happiness you are going to give and recive. Anyway, not my case.

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