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    • Anonymous says:

      >Nizoral shampoo
      does this shit lather well. i feel like i’d have to use half the bottle just to get a good lather, or can i mix it with another shampoo?

      • Anonymous says:

        It lathers well for me, but I also generally don’t have this issue with shampoos. I just wet my hair and put some in the palm of my hand (more or less what would fit in a teaspoon). The bottle recommends letting it dry 3-5 minutes, which gives me just enough time to wash the rest of my body. I then wash my hair last. I don’t use any other hair product. I see people saying Nizoral dries their hair and they need to use conditioner but I personally don’t have this issue.

        I’ve been using this for about a month now and when I shampooed my hair yesterday I noticed that throughout the day larger chunks of this white shit was falling out on it’s own. Does that mean it’s working or it’s getting worse?

        It took me a few months before I realized I was getting less flakes, so maybe you just need to wait some more.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been using this for about a month now and when I shampooed my hair yesterday I noticed that throughout the day larger chunks of this white shit was falling out on it’s own. Does that mean it’s working or it’s getting worse?

      • Anonymous says:

        this happened to me with nizoral except it never improved even after months. it slowly got worse in fact. before that I tried coal tar shampoo, acv rinses, nopoo, every meme you can think of.
        I bought pic rel off ebay and in about a week I had no more dandruff. probably has to do with the antifungal properties
        now I spread the good word for anyone else who has it as bad as I did

        • Anonymous says:

          >zinc OXIDE
          That is the worst form of zinc, it only serves to give you a little protection against ultraviolet rays.
          So it is the sulfur that cleans whatever is causing your scalp, and the salicylic acid is responsible for removing and cleaning it.

          • Anonymous says:

            I like it. it’s basic and it looks like a medicine, which it is. something cozy about third world packaging 2bh.

            does this shit dry out your hair?

            my hair is actually less dry now that I use it regularly (I use the bar in place of shampoo and I do not condition). it leaves my hair feeling light and smooth.

            Does this work for seb derm too? I should probably just go keto for a while and limit dairy.

            no idea, but it’s cheap enough that you might as well try it.

          • Anonymous says:

            every night, only because I’m paranoid about my dandruff returning. I could probably taper off now but like I said my hair feels healthier and is much more cooperative than before

    • Anonymous says:

      This but unironically.

      On a seriouse note, for mild psoriasis try using urea creme. If that does not work use an over the counter and mild cortisone cream like Soventol 0.5%. You can also get a prescription for more concentrated cortisone creams from a doctor if necessary and if your condition is really everywhere on your body. But for me 0.5% cream is enough and the only thing that really removes the spots.

      Regarding itchy and dry patches on the scalp, ive also had success with coconut butter/oil to aleviate irritation and rehydrate the skin. Melt a couple of table spoons of butter. Once its cool enough pour it onto your scalp and massage it into the skin. If its not melted it will just stick to your hair and not get into the skin. Then go to bed, and use a towel on your pillow or something, this way it has all night to seep into the skin. Shampoo your hair in the morning and repeat for 3-4 nights in a row. Coconut butter wont remove the psoriasis but it will help with itching.

      Also recommend Ducray Kelual a dermatological shampoo, also available as a gel or cream I think. If you are wearing hats and beanies, make sure they are not synthetic as they inhibit your skins ability to "breath" and cause sweating . I switched to natural wool beanies in the winter and have never had problems with itching or red patches on the scalp since, although I do have psoriasis scales under the arms and on the thighs occasionally.

      • Anonymous says:

        Also note that psoriasis is not a fungus or an infection, but an autoimmune disease. So an antiseptic or antimycotic will do absolutely nothing. As far as I know, urea and cortisol are the only things that have shown to effect. Basically just start with a mild cortisone cream like I said and use it according to instructions and see if that helps.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shave it off to give your scalp time to heal, you can’t effectively fight this stuff with hair providing a nice warm and humid climate for the fungi

  2. Anonymous says:

    apple cidar vinegar changed my hecking life. I put a little bit into a spray can with a bit more water. Then I apply it in the shower and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Apply conditioner afterwards if you like to but the vinegar gives you a decent shine too. Dw about the smell it goes away quickly and nobody will notice it. I do this every other day, maybe twice a week. I don’t use shampoo anymore for this very reason. No dandruff or anything like that anymore, my scalp is clean and healthy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Coal tar shampoo. I tried all kinds of shit and nothing worked, then an old retired dermatologist my grandpa knows told me to try coal tar shampoo and that shit is amazing, cleared up psoriasis spots I had been struggling with for years in just a couple weeks

  4. Anonymous says:

    still struggling with this but here are some things

    1. stop air drying your hair. Even if you towel dry, it’s not as good as actually going in and gently blow drying it at the roots. Go with low heat if you’re especially sensitive. Imagine washing your hands and putting gloves on before you even dry them. That’s what it’s like if you aren’t blow drying.

    2. You must double shampoo. Don’t listen to people who say no-poo. If you’re using shit shampoos with silicones in it and everything then naturally you would want to avoid shampoos, but if you’re having consistent issues with build-up then you need to be double shampooing once or twice a week.

    3. get a topical cream prescribed. Ultimately after trying every kind of product on the market, tar shampoos, head and shoulders, whatever, you will need something more targeted too fix your scalp. So go to a medical professional.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Go see a dermatologist and ask them lol. We aren’t medical professionals

    Most of them just tell you to use head&shoulders unless it’s something really serious then you’ll have to use weird topicals and such

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