19 thoughts on “I have a small penis and I don't want people to notice it. What types of clothes should I wear when biking?

    • Anonymous says:

      >When I bike i wear jeans or chinos instead of skintight plastic like a freak. Hope this helps
      I stomp around in jeans on my old steel frame. Very funny blowing past weekend warriors in their lycra and carbon.
      The best is to load up the bike with touring bags and then blow past them uphill.
      Of course nowadays every boomer had an Bike, so some of the magic is lost.
      >t. Round the world cyclist, never worn lycra or padded shorts in my life

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d love to do that too but jeans chafe me too much
        my 98% cotton/spandex cargo pants are a lot less abrasive but I don’t prefer them for longer rides,
        definitely planning on getting some shorts or leggings for cycling specifically.
        anyone else have any reqs? bibs look stupid so I’m staying away from those
        either way I shit on the weekend warrior types with my abhorrent bike that I only plan on making more of an abomination
        Never intend on buying a road bike, I’m just slapping parts on my cheap MTB. looks pretty funny with GP5000s on it (Which surprisingly were able to fit the stock rims despite the original tires bein 2.6")

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh yeah also since it hasn’t been mentioned, no one is getting all that close of a look at your crotch while riding or standing on your bike, bud. Only if you feel like parking up and going into a store or restaurant, in full bike dear for whatever reason, in the middle of a workout. really a non issue.

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