I hate love

i am only 17 , and i've been into a relationship only for 2 times .. the first when i was 15 and i didn't know much about love or how to deal with the other sex ,she got into a relation with me just because of the money i have and my look , we been together for 2 months and at the same day of my birthday she just texted that she is breaking up <\3 ..

the second and last is when she knew i got much money too , she was cheating on me the whole time we were together , and she gave no care about me or even how much i lost for her .. the only thing that makes me hate love and not want to get thru it again is my money and my look .. they never loved me for who i am <\3

  1. 9 years ago

    Do you show how you really are when people are around? In case you act in a superficial way (you'll tell me, I'm just speculating), it's natural that the girls who get interested in you are not deep enough to look for what's inside

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