I don't understand my fear?!

I have dated in the past and I've always never been hurt when ending a relationship. But I am usually the one to end it, and the relationship was fine. My heart hasn't been broken yet, and I wonder if it has something to do with my family. I never stay too long in a relationship and I think it has to do with fear of someone breaking my heart. My dad left my mom for another woman when I was young, but I remember how sad my mom looked. She acted like her life was completely over, and she was a dead person walking. Could this be a reason I have trouble having a committed relationship with anyone when I know I am starting to like them? Or is it something different possibly?

  1. 10 years ago

    hi there - usually our fears come from events that happened when we were young. our way of working it out when we get older is to unconsciously create a similar scenario as we saw in our family of origin. the best way to overcome this is educate yourself as much as possible about this subject and perhaps get some therapy around this subject. you deserve to create your own relationship, not live someone elses.

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