I couldn't handle the stress

I've had two broken hearts in my life, both from rejection. After the first one I never really planned on caring for anybody... Like that anyways.

But then I started talking to people online. I never really saw online dating as a real thing. I was wrong. When This person and I met on the internet we talked via TinyChat for hours. It seemed like we knew each other forever. We just clicked so well.

I fell for them of course. And I got rejected. It's making me go crazy. All I can think of is "why am I not good enough?" I cried and cried... I vented so much. But nothing was helping. The person couldn't handle what they called it "drama" and they cut me off completely on 4/7/14 around 1 am.

I lost it... I sobbed hysterically. And now I just can't think of loving anybody else ever again. Yes it WAS LOVE. Now it's all over. And I don't want to be romantically involved WITH ANYBODY. Internet, Real life etc... It doesn't matter. I can't handle losing all the sleep, and crying so much, and pretending to be happy when I'm not.

  1. 7 years ago
    Phoenix Rose

    wow i didnt realize that anything like that could have happened to someone other then me the same exact thing happened to me last year and i walk around smiling when all i wanna do is break down and cry

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