18 thoughts on “I am here again to remind you, as a man you ought to have a long full beard

  1. Anonymous says:

    An entire generation of unmasculine, cowardly, weak, nintendo switch playing, terminal women respecters all ruined facial hair forever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was cutting this 4 foot cylinder piece of wood thing for this lady at work in half inch pieces and at the end when there was a bit left I told her it’ll get stuck in the blade, she said it’ll work. So I chop down and the piece of wood hecking exploded cutting my hand, but the pieces that hit my beard didn’t cut my face. My beard protected me today (hand was bleeding but otherwise I’m good)

    • Anonymous says:

      >My beard protected me today
      That’s why blacksmiths have beards, I have had the same, something flew to bits, beard absorbed the impact.
      However I’m not running a beard like OPs if I’m using something that spins like a lathe or grinder

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