I am happy being single?

I have had 2 major relationships, they were hell. Abusive and messed me up, really bad. Since then I have had a variety of one night stands and fuck buddies. Anytime someone started getting too close I ran. Ran like hell.

Now here I am just started seeing someone a few days ago. This is an amazing man I really like him but I am fucking scared. I have issues with anxiety and just assumed this was from that. Then I started researching fear of relationships and this Philophobia sounds like what I have.

I have been getting very anxious just thinking about being in a relationship with this guy. We are keeping things open but still I am getting the speeding heart beat and breathing and sense of dread. I do not know what to do. Every instinct of mine is telling me to run like hell again. So ummm yeah.

  1. 10 years ago

    Pixie, I'm sorry to hear about your previous relationships. I must say I can relate to your post. We're in the same boat. You commented on my Lust Over Love post and we seem to be having the same feelings. It's rather comforting to know that someone has the same mindset as I

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