26 thoughts on “I am completely autistic and inept at fashion no matter how hard I try.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jeans, earth tone/black/grey/ crewneck, basic white sneakers like stan smiths.

    There i fixed it. You won’t look good but you will blend in. And tbh most outfits posted here look worse

  2. Anonymous says:

    get into classic menswear, the rules are much easier to follow and intuit
    >t. fellow autist who can’t into modern streetwear
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  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m autistic and I regularly get compliments on my fits.
    The other day somebody complimented my shitty outerwear zip-uo I bought at an outlet because it was cheap, just because I made it part of the right fit and pulled it off
    Fellow spergs complaining about fashion aren’t being held back by their ’tism but by an aesthetic skill issue unironically

  4. Anonymous says:

    stop trying then. back in college i wore knockoff dr martens with a shitty surplus peacoat and i was regularly complimented on both

      • Anonymous says:

        this look doesn’t work at all, not sure why. I get the model is ugly but even the close themselves seem off.

        Why is the hat the colour of the jacket? Why is he pairing such a dark navy with such a light jacket? Why does the band of the hat match the pants? Why is the feather dark? Why a yellow and blue tie? It’s just off, too tryhard, regardless of the ugly model.

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