How to write a successful motivation letter

It is almost impossible to overestimate the importance of a good motivation letter for admission to a university. Understanding what this piece of paper and what's appropriate to put in it is almost a requirement if you want to get ahead.

Don't have the greatest writing skills? The point is to convince the committee to read and consider you, so don’t be shy about requesting professionals to write essay for money if you don't have strong writing skills. It's your future on the line, after all. We still think you should keep reading.

What is a motivation letter and what is it for?

Many institutions do not conduct interviews for admission. The only chance to get to know the applicant is through an essay, the writing of which therefore forms a test of your ability to organize your thoughts and ambitions and put them to paper.

This cover letter (or motivation letter) is the only way you can convince the university to admit you. Even if you fall short on your grades, decide to enroll in a master's program slightly outside of your major, etc., you still have the opportunity to be accepted simply based on an exceptional and interesting motivational letter.

Grades aren't everything. Consider playing to your university's prejudices, as Ziad Ahmed did in 2017 by simply writing #BlackLivesMatter over and over again.

The choice of what to include in the motivation letter and what to downplay or omit is almost everything. On one hand, you need to be quite brief and on the other hand, you need to meet all the current requirements of the university.

Which racial or other demographic is particularly in fashion this year? Study your lineage and life and see if you can come up with a connection, and then lean into that.

How to write a motivation letter for a student to study abroad

The essay for admission to graduate school and the motivation sheet for a scholarship are different both in structure and in meaning.

1. For admission to a master's program abroad

Foreign universities for admission to a master's program may require you to write not one essay, but two. So you will have to think about how to design motivation letters so that you don't repeat yourself. As for the plan for writing an essay for graduate school, we suggest the following structure:

  • What has been achieved: successfully completed a bachelor's degree, gained experience and conducted research;
  • At the moment: I want to deepen my knowledge, continue scientific research, to get additional skills;
  • My professional goals: what do you expect to achieve, how will your research benefit you, etc.

2. For admission to a foreign university

The university admissions essay must have something to say to the admissions committee. Even if you know how to write a motivational letter, but it is impersonal and banal, you will not be remembered, and will only rely on your knowledge and grades. Regarding how to properly write a motivation letter to study abroad, the process can be divided into 3 components:

  • Why did you choose this faculty, how did you come to this and what have you already done, what else have you been doing and what abilities have you shown;
  • Why are you interested in this program and the institution;
  • What do you expect from the studies, what plans do you have for your professional activities, what achievements do you dream about.

3. For an internship, apprenticeship

It is much easier to write a letter of intent to apply for an internship:

  • You describe your positive aspects and successes in the same way;
  • Explain why you have chosen this particular company;
  • What you expect and how you can help develop the company or an area.

4. For scholarships and grants abroad

The format of the motivation letter for the scholarship depends on whether you are writing it for the university or the state institution, as there are some nuances:

  • Telling how happy you are to be studying at this university or country;
  • List your successes in your studies;
  • Indicate how you will benefit in the future;
  • Mention your difficult financial situation and document it appropriately.

How to start a motivation letter

Before discussing how to start a motivation letter, it is worth mentioning the main mistakes that many applicants make:

  • Don't just "think out loud," presenting only facts and arguments;
  • Do not use flowery phrases, especially in a foreign language;
  • Do not stick to templates, position yourself as an extraordinary person.

As for how to write a good essay for admission to a foreign university, much less start it, then:

  • Immediately tell about yourself, that is, where and how you studied, what you have achieved;
  • Already in the first paragraph, try to move neatly to the twist that will make the commission read the letter in its entirety and become interested in your candidacy.

If you've succeeded, you've got a 90% guarantee that in 3-4 years you'll be learning how to write to a foreign university for a master's degree. Nowadays, creativity, originality and unconventional thinking are most valued. And knowledge will provide you with the university.

What to tell about yourself in a motivation letter to a foreign university

Many people are interested in how to write about yourself to university. You should follow a few rules:

  • Often the university has its own vision of what should contain a letter of motivation to study, so do not forget to go to the websites of universities and download questionnaires or samples;
  • When a free form is appropriate, it is important for you to justify your choice to study in a foreign university, backed up by real facts showing your passion for your future profession;
  • Be sure to indicate the school or institution where you studied before;
  • Emphasize your interest in certain sciences that are important to your future occupation;
  • Talk about your extracurricular hobbies, preferably from the point of view of how they helped you decide on the direction of your future occupation;
  • Give a brief description of your main traits.

Format of the motivation essay

The structure of a motivational letter can be a form of questions and answers, reminiscent of an interview. More often than not, this is what the essay forms downloaded from the institution's website look like. This makes it easier for students and removes the question of how to write a motivation letter for admission to a foreign university correctly.

There is also a free form of writing. In this case, it is easier to order a motivation letter from professionals not to make mistakes. If you decided to do it yourself, then act according to the following plan:

  • Show a keen interest in the subject;
  • Confirm your motivation with your success in the field;
  • List your achievements in your chosen field;
  • List additional courses related to this field;
  • Tell about extracurricular activities from the position of its necessity in the future
  • For master's or post-graduate courses give a list of your publications, research papers
    and reports;
  • Write about why you chose this particular foreign university;
  • Recall the discoveries of professors and researchers at the university that caught your
  • Explain why you are interested in the program.

Length of the motivation letter

It is difficult to say exactly how many words should be in your letter. It is recommended to keep it to 500-700. Although some educational institutions prefer an essay of no more than 300-500 words -- saving the researchers' time. But if you have literary talent and you can interest the reader from the first lines, you can try writing up to 1500 words.

Good luck!

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