21 thoughts on “How to get this haircut?

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is my hair now but I need to go get it trimmed because it’s messy as heck.
    Do I just tell the barber to make me look not homeless while also not shaving my head?

    • Anonymous says:

      first of all it’s shorter than your op pic so you can’t get that hair without more time

      usually men b***hing about not being able to get expensive scissor cuts are not asking, or paying for, an expensive scissor cut

      go to a barber that offers scissor cuts (they cost more), and be specific about what you want. if they don’t get it pretty close on the first try, wait 3 months and try another barber

      • Anonymous says:

        I know it’s shorter but I need to get it trimmed now because it looks like shit.
        Problem is that even with pics barbers just give me some sort of half-assed fade and then I don’t want to leave my house for weeks due to insecurities about my cuck skull.

        Do I just show him the pic and say that’s how I want it to look eventually?

        Most barbers where I live are shit, there’s one okay one that I go to that still makes me look bad but all the other ones are Turks who only know how to do fades so that’s a no no.

        • Anonymous says:

          I literally told you to seek out, and ask for by name, a scissor cut. at this point it’s a you problem and I can’t fix that, sorry

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes but i’m starting to grow a mullet so I need to get it trimmed. So will I just tell the barber to clean it up around the back of my head? How much more hair do I need for it to be same length as op pic?

          • Anonymous says:

            >some extra fuzz at the back of the neck is a "mullet"
            I think I see the problem. you have brain damage

      • Anonymous says:

        this and also worth actually bringing pictures and multi-angle shots of the exact cut you want, then discuss it with your barber/stylist, it’s amazing how people don’t spend time going over exactly what they want and don’t want and expect their barber to read their mind, finally, if they do a good job tip them well the first time and tell them how much you appreciate getting it right and how you want to come back and ask when you should come back for a touch up, my current barber gets it and i’ve been going to her for two years, i always tip more than others and she puts in 100% effort every time

        • Anonymous says:

          what I find fascinating is they’ll post pics on LULZ asking non-barbers to weigh in, reject all the advice they get because it doesn’t align with what they wanted to hear, and then rage about how the barber they mumbled at with eyes averted didn’t read their mind, real shocker that with these communication skills they’re having a hard time expressing what they want

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing to say but im in the same boat op. It really sucks trying different barbers and them just hecking you up

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