28 thoughts on “How to fix dry, brittle, crunchy hair?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have really thick, dense healthy hair but I only shampoo and conditions fortnightly, am I doing it wrong or just leave it been because it’s working?

  1. future says:

    what this guy says, but this is for keeping hair healthy, meaning it won’t fix preexisting damage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iX9xVy9MxE&t=5

      • future says:

        >Let me shill products I just so happen to sell on my website
        in this video he is only chilling for the concept of leave in conditioner, saloon grade shampoo, saloon grade conditioner and hair oil. he won’t be making a cent.

        it’s great advice actually i don’t know why you’d not take it because he also does the thing literally any influencer does

      • future says:

        OP does exactly need stopping to do further damage actually. this won’t adress his current hair issue but it will minimize it in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      hair on the left
      >not brushed
      >may be high humidity thats sucked the moisture out and made it more dry than usual

      hair on right
      >well hydrated

      woah its as if you can make your hair look like either with just a few small tweaks. heck off, im sick of seeing this stupid shit

  2. Anonymous says:

    >How to fix dry, brittle, crunchy hair?
    Dude, literally nothing bro. Men’s hair gets like that if you let it grow. Buzz it my man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Almond Oil or Argon Oil.
    Amla Oil.

    Apply for minimum 10 minutes or overnight (use a towel on your pillow) and shampoo off

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop using degenerate products like shampoos and conditioners. Instead wash your hair with a regular soap, since it’s a hell of a lot more milder than shampoos that are nothing more than detergents. And apply coconut or herbal hair oil to your head an hour before you shower. And of course, eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting some sun is also important.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bro, I am using Shikakai, Reetha and Amla powder to wash my hair. I condition in ACV and then I use coconut oil leave in

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hair is 99% I inorganic. It doesn’t have any metabolism or whatsoever.
    All hair products that are not shampoo are snake oil.
    If you want healthy hair you have to snip snap the damaged hair and then grow it out. Guess you’re a stupid ass female since males with long hair don’t damage their hair with bleach and such.

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