How live online casinos revolutionized the gambling industry Virtual gambling has been at the forefront of internet technologies for over 20 years.

In the blink of an eye, the gambling industry is changing the way people think and feel about gambling. It wasn’t that long ago that people had to jump on a plane and head off to some faraway destination if they wanted to play casino games of chance for real money. Now all anyone has to do if they want to play Blackjack or slots is to pick up their favorite mobile device or laptop and visit an online casino.

While online casinos have been operating on the internet for over 20 years now, there is still this move towards giving online casino players the most realistic gaming experience possible. To say they have finally reached that goal would be an understatement.

Over the last five years, online casino software developers have been working towards creating a live casino gambling experience over the internet. Today, live online casinos with live dealers manning table games are all the rage. From anywhere at any time, online gamblers are accessing the popular variant blackjack switch against live dealers right from their mobile devices.

After close investigation, it is fair to say that lives casinos have changed the online gambling industry now and forever. Here are several ways live casino gambling has revolutionized the online gambling experience.

Eliminated concerns over unfair play

Online casino games are developed through software technology. While software developers can claim the software is providing fair and random results, gamblers will question that every time they encounter a losing streak.

Las Vegas was built on the idea that live games of chance made it near impossible for the casino and dealers to cheat. They have never had to because the edge always goes to the house. Live dealer online casino games offer the same level of confidence that the games are fair and free from manipulation.

Social interactions

In the past, players would sit down to play online casino games in an isolated environment that included the player and a piece of software. As software and communication technologies continue to advance, live casinos are becoming more social. Today, a player can play a live casino table game online and be able to verbally and visually communicate with the dealer. If sitting at a multiplayer table, players can even communicate among themselves.

Creating a real casino experience

Before the advent of live dealer online casino games, online gambling held no interest for novice gamblers. The online gambling experience was entirely focused on the gambling aspect, something that holds little appeal for people who enjoy the environment more than they do the gambling.

Live casinos now offer more of a realistic casino gambling experience. Minus the smells and all of the background sounds, novice gamblers can now enjoy an online gambling experience that has become more of a visual experience. For a generation of people who have grown up as digital warriors, the appeal of live dealer games is clear. They can watch the cards shuffling, the dealer dealing, and feel they are part of something more than another generic software game.

Moving into the future

The internet has changed the pace of life. People are no longer satisfied with the concept of familiarity. They want to feel like things are always moving forward. It gives them a sense that something better is coming in the future.

Live online casinos are part of a digital future where almost all of our interactions will take place online. If people can hold important business meetings online, why shouldn’t they be able to play games of chance online while looking a dealer straight in the eye? They can do that now with more to come for the future.

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