39 thoughts on “How has being "thick" become fashionable when just 10 years ago all models were sticks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Almost as if big corpos that own fast food chains have a vested interest in making fatness the social norm

  2. Anonymous says:

    Constant change is needed to make people buy new things. Be it directly changing a product, or in marketing of it (i.e. if all models are stick, company using thick one stands out, but once everyone catches up to the new trend, the stick becomes novelty, repeat ad infinitum)

    • Anonymous says:

      she says that to keep getting male followers and so her current ones dont unfollow

      girls like this always have a boyfriend

    • Anonymous says:

      >Would wife her up if she wasnt famous
      Yeah, like you had a chance if she wasn’t famous… lmao hecking delusional stupid

      • Anonymous says:

        Girl in ops pic is actually a virgin
        Would wife her up if she wasnt famous

        What does the word "virgin" even mean these days, according to women? Something like "the first 100 guys I slept with don’t count"?
        I know most Muslim girls let guys heck them in the arse and give them blowjobs from the age of 13, but they’re still "technically virgins" when they marry a guy and he is the first to pop their cherry.

        • Anonymous says:

          british girls lose their virginity 3 years earlier than other western nations on average including scandis so its hard for british people to understand that not all females have had 200 dicks by the time they are marrying age

          • Anonymous says:

            Please don’t remind me how awful it is here I’m nearly 30 and the well only goes so deep.

      • Anonymous says:

        What makes you say that? You really need to go out and look at people. Go to the park or whatever. Fat people date fat people. This is something you can just observe by observing objective reality.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Models never represented what most people find attractive. But yeah most men don’t like obese women, which is what thick means. It’s for more swarthy men.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >How has being "thick" become fashionable when just 10 years ago all models were sticks
    Rap became the dominant mainstream music over the last 16 years, and as a result black men’s tastes for women with fat asses, big tits, and hourglass figures took hold. Cocaine-chic models were a deviation that lasted for like 20 years from the 1990s – 00s when gay men were able to push their taste for young boys into the fashion world.
    You look at models from before 1990 and they’re skinny but still retain voluptuous features.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Muttification of society. Mutts are low-tier with everything. They have direct ancestral connections (within the same generations) to people in poor third world countries that literally suck the shit out of animals asses. I’m not kidding, look it up.

    You’re only going to see more and more of it now thanks to Biden’s open border policies that let in more people than the population of 36 states.

  6. Anonymous says:

    >How has being "thick"
    Is the overuse and misuse of quotation marks the quintessential brainlet and stupid trait?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Venus statues were fat all over. They weren’t "thick" in the ass and thigh region and skinny everywhere else. That’s a distinctly Black phenotype.

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s not a Black pheotype. that’s how most womens bodies look when they lift weights or do any sport that builds muscle. if you weren’t homeschooled you might know this.

  7. Anonymous says:


    you just don’t go outside and interact with normal people because you are a dysgenic freak and you form all these opinions based on what you read online.

    more young white women view taylor swift as a role model than all those people you listed combined and she’s literally a tall blonde blue-eyed aryan-looking woman.

    you sound like an alien trying to describe pop culture and that’s because in some sense you actually are, you’re a misfit outsider who doesn’t know what goes on in the minds of young women because none of them share their thoughts with you

  8. Anonymous says:

    this isnt a model its some ig coomer bait youtuber girl. actual runway models are alien looking irl. thats why clothing websites models are like "model is 6’3 wearing a size small", ive heard you guys complaining about that on here.

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