29 thoughts on “How do you even stop gray hair?. I'm 33 and its gonna be over for me by 35.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would rather have gray hair than balding but since you ask all black men have gray hair as they get older

    • Anonymous says:

      >get married
      >in europe
      >in 2023

      Nah bro thanks anyway, I’ll pass

      Why in god’s name would you want to stop gray hair? It’s attractive as hell

      It’s only attractive if you are attractive to begin with. I’m an ugly mf and gray hair only makes me look like an old ugly mf

  2. Anonymous says:

    Literally why the heck? I’m 32 and my hair starts to grey eeally fast too. But as a toxic brown male who’s into vanilla girls i can’t wait to embrace my grey curls.
    Are you a tranny, bottom who cry when his youthful beauty is fading?

    • Anonymous says:

      >handsome people are handsome
      On the same level as stating all balding men should immediately go full Statham mode. I hate stupids like you with a passion.

      • Anonymous says:

        ugly people are always ugly doesn’t matter if they have a full head of hair ot balding
        If you are balding though it’s almost always better to go statham mode
        >clean shaved head
        >stubbled cheeks or beard
        >and roid for a thicc neck
        this will look better than if you are just balding combe over and ugly

        So if you are greying it most likely will not make you look ugly and you can embrace it
        unless you are ugly and then you were ugly without grey hair anyway

      • Anonymous says:

        The way you type and argue literally remind me of a tranny or bottom. In such cases it’s over, growing older and age like wine is a mans world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blonds are the luckiest on this front.

      I’m medium brown and for me it’s really noticeable. It will look like shit for at last 10 years before i’m full silverfox. I wonder if i should do a subtle surf bleach so it looks less shit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gray hair is possibly the easiest fix of aging signs. Just dye your hecking hair. Dyeing short hair is so simple that an imbecile can do it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gray hair does not look bad, thin/wispy hair does. Gray hair signifies age and experience.
    If its getting thin AND gray just shave it off.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gray hair is possibly the easiest fix of aging signs. Just dye your hecking hair. Dyeing short hair is so simple that an imbecile can do it.

      you can fix both using a compounded topical min + dut + tret + biotin + melatonin serum but it requires long term use and it costs a fortune

    • Anonymous says:

      This. Dunno why a dude want to hide his grey hair, in my book it’s a stepup in looks.
      >inb4 being a bottom and seeing his youthful beauty fading away

  5. Anonymous says:

    Be autistic. They age at 2/3rds the rate of neurotypicals.

    My dad’s 62 and only started greying last year, around the temples… 90% of his hair is still jet black. Granddad (also on the spectrum but undiagnosed) didn’t go completely white until he was mid 70s!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just found my first grey hair, it was an eyebrow hair thinner and longer than the rest. What do it mean

  7. Anonymous says:

    not a problem OP – you can play off it. steve martin had a ton of great looks back in the day but he never gets mentioned as a fashionable celebrity

  8. Anonymous says:

    You can’t. There is no cure or treatment for pigmentation loss outside of hair dye.

    Just own it or have good genes.

    I’m going bald but men in my family get grey hair at like 80. Fin is working though.

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