45 thoughts on “How do people in Europe dress like

  1. Anonymous says:

    In western Europe i.e. the UK and France? Decently, because these brands have actual history when it comes to clothes and a well-off population, both traditionally and contemporarily
    In the Germanosphere? Cheap fast-fashion or outdoors gear like below, usually with random English written on it
    In the Mediterranean? Cheap fast-fashion with the exception of linen wearing larpers (trousers always too short)
    In central Europe? Some weird hecking outdoors jacket and clunky running/walking shoes all the hecking time, like Zelensky
    In eastern Europe and Russia? Same as above, but with some of them attempting to dress formally in ill-fitting 3 buttoned blazers and boat shoes or whatever monstrosity they can find that’s still technically leather.

    And the last one that’s super region specific, Switzerland/Austria/Northern Italy has their own weird "trad" people who look like a massimo dutti catalogue. Lots of beige, thin puff vests with narrow baffles, quarter zips, and tiny round glasses that make you look like a twat

    Not mentioning any northern ice dwellers they can go wear moose skins, and this is all excluding each regions equivalent of chavs as well btw, that wouldn’t be "people".

    • Anonymous says:


      i hate eurogoyim so much

      This is what privilege and the epitome of first world "problems" looks like, and it’s hilarious those gays don’t realize it. In any real country with real problems and jobs, these abominations would have been laughed out of the room (and maybe off the buildings roof).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Main differences with whopperland is that we wear human sized clothes, we dress-up more often and we wear real perfumery instead of blue ambroxan molecule crap.
    t.Italian living in LA and married with a landwhale from texas

  3. Anonymous says:

    >how do people in Europe dress like
    You are not American, you are some form of south American brownoid. Americans don’t speak like this

    • Anonymous says:

      South Americans are Americans, as are Mexicans and Canadians. United Statesians aren’t the sole representatives of two continents dude

      • Anonymous says:

        which country do people think of when they say America and Americans? Why do south americans need to use south to qualify that they are not the same as the main characters of the world?

        • Anonymous says:

          Because the United States is known as America. Sorry but that’s just how it is. Latin America is known as Central and South America. But in all honesty, just say your hecking country. There is nothing more annoying than some gay in pakistan or croatia or bolivia who refuses to just say their country because they’re too embarrassed to admit it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude, STFU. You non-Americans of those 2 continents are the whiniest gays I’ve ever seen, and I’m not even an American.
        >REEEEEEE we iz Americans n shieeeeet too
        Nobody gives a shit. Nobody knows your countries as "America". The only thing anyone from the rest of he world thinks of when someone says "America" is the US of A. Meanwhile the rest of you are known by your own country’s names. You will never be "America". Get over it.

        Be proud of your own country’s name and identity, rather than pointlessly clinging onto the continent’s name like a bunch of globalist gays. If anything, you should pity the Americans (of USA) for not having a proper name for their country, and instead being forced to be nothing more than a subset of the continent. Most of the times they themselves don’t call their country America but "the states".

  4. Anonymous says:

    Literally everyone on the planet dresses the same way bar random tribes in Africa and South America. Some people in MENA wear traditional clothing too, but most dress in American style. Outside these few exceptions, everyone dresses the exact same way you do, that’s what happens after the globalisation of nothing and cultural acceleration

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