67 thoughts on “How do I stop my dick from bulging thru my pants?

    • Anonymous says:

      >tuck up stupid
      what does that mean? also, it’s not a bait thread. just put on some pants and noticed I was bulging in them.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude you sound absolutely pathetic if having a dick and balls bothers you.
    Do you have some kind of humiliation fetish or something?

    • Anonymous says:

      im very proud of my dick. that’s not the issue. i just don’t want to be walking around the office with a bulge.

      why are you so upset? you come across like a jealous dyke.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not upset, just mildly annoyed. You are obviously not proud of your dick if you don’t want to walk around the office with a bulge. Do you secretly wish you was a woman or something?

          • Anonymous says:

            You are the one asking on advice on how you stop your dick from bulging through my pants, not me. Clearly because you are ashamed and embarrassed and now you are asking me for reassurance instead of thinking for yourself. C’mon dude… Have some self respect.

          • Anonymous says:

            you seemed very invested in my bulge, so im asking what would i get out of it. you think it would attracted mildly annoyed dykes?

          • Anonymous says:

            You sound kinda crazy I won’t lie anon insisting on these assumptions about op. Maybe op doesn’t want it to be to visible in a professional environment because it’s not really appropriate. You wouldn’t want to see you let coworkers penis silhouette


            How do I stop my dick from bulging thru my pants? A lot of times I don’t realize I’m bulging til somebody else tells me.

            Pic isn’t me but i share the plight.

            In the same time though I don’t think it’s that serious and not really worth making a whole thread about idk. Just get baggier pants stupid

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have the same issue. Nobody has ever said anything directly to me about it but a few female acquaintances have made comments to my wife. She tells them “he can’t help it” and life goes on.
    You just need to own it

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you weren’t a subhuman tiny dick stupid you’d know this shit easy. Are you new to having a penis? Are you new to sentience? God, what a stupid you hecking are. Please give me your address so I can hit you over the head with a rock.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop shopping like a 17 year old girl trying to convince her teachers she’s skinny so they stop bullying her.

    You can wear a belt or have the waist taken in. You can hem up that extra long inseam.

    Get some clothes that fit all of you, not just your waist or inseam. Buy. For. The. Thigh.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont wear slim fit to look skinny. I like the look. It looks very tidy to me. And anyways I dont know the practical steps in buying for my thighs. If you aren’t going by the waist or inseam, how are you judging that?

      Odd. I only got hornier after entering my twenties

      Nothing to do with being horny. My dick would just get hard for no reason. Don’t have that no more. Plus, I know how to deflate my shit now so there’s that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Using the measurements provided by the garment maker usually. Many will provide thigh measurements.

        Otherwise just paying attention to cut/style names when I try stuff on. For my preference, I keep an eye out for styles that don’t start to taper until close to or below the knee.

        Cuts with more rise will also help a bit with avoiding the "raw sausage in my pants" look.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just checked and some of my pants only have waist x inseam. Are you going online to find out?

          Also, does the material and thickness play a part? Seems bulging is not a problem with jeans but with trousers it can be.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Get some semi tight boyshorts and put your dick between your legs. Mines pretty long so I just toss it down under the taint and never have any bulge issues.

          • Anonymous says:

            HRT also kinda made them shrink and feel less sensation, they’re getting removed before summer this year anyway. Only gonna have my hotdog left. Balls only serve to damage my scalp and make me bigger so they’re purely a detriment to my femboy lifestyle where I can cross dress and not be offensive.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh I’m trans but the orchi is what I choose because SRS is really hit or miss and I don’t want to suicide over constant infections. Once your balls are gone it’s extremely easy to tuck and wear women’s leggings and short shorts.

          • Anonymous says:

            ooh okay. yeah as a dude, i’ve always thought the bottom surgery is pretty hecked up. from all of the pictures i’ve seen, it doesn’t look like a real vagina and i’ve heard it doesn’t function anywhere near as well either. then when you consider that something can go wrong and you’ll be left with numb scar tissue with no depth, why even take that risk?

            i get why trans girls get it, but the tradeoff and risks doesn’t sound worth it. i feel like the technology just isn’t there yet for making something close to a vag, despite what surgeons say. i feel bad for people that say they miss having their dick since what they have barely works. it’s tragic.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah it’s just too risky for someone who has people they care about. Being trans is enough to break relationships but I’m care about them so much that bottom srs is a no go unless they really up the tech in the next few years.

          • Anonymous says:

            i think it’ll be decades before there’s any major improvements there. a lot of trans girl see srs as an important step to being a woman, so the income is always flowing regardless. and since they see srs as important, it’s hard to tell as an outsider if these surgeries are really as good as they say or if they’re pretending it does to keep regret at bay.

            anyways, best of luck on your orchi. im sure it’ll be freeing.

          • Anonymous says:

            Ty it will be. Want some TMI about hormone replacement? It makes the bottom side if your dick all the way down to the ass able to get wet like a pussy lol. It makes like bluish black line show up that makes basically lube.

          • Anonymous says:

            nah and anyway my skin is so soft and thin on my dick now that if i play rough it’ll tear. rest of my skin is lady soft too, legs might be the softest of anyone i know.

          • Anonymous says:

            is your dick literally useless then? i thought the hrt just made it hard to get hard not sensitive like that.

          • Anonymous says:

            that’s so cool. i feel like one of these days im gonna heck a tranny. my main hang up is that it still seems pretty gay, no offense.

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