17 thoughts on “HOT TREND 2024: MEN'S HANDBAGS

    • Vieo says:

      Uh, if you think about, it makes sense.

      A handbag is very feminine.

      Only the most masculine manliest men can hold one and still appear masculine.

      That makes rocking this trend the most bold thing you can do, like eating one of the hottest peppers and seeing who can go the longest without drinking something.

      • Anonymous says:

        None of these guys seem even remotely masculine. Its obviously a gaygy trend for effeminate trend followers. Have fun with that.

        Also post your ridiculous taco bell nose so we can all laugh about how ugly you are.

        • Vieo says:

          >None of these guys seem even remotely masculine

          ASAP Rocky is married to Rhianna; the epitome of femininity.

          I bet you have no chin, you’re pale, and as thin as a blade of grass.

          You don’t know anything about what makes a man masculine.

          • Anonymous says:

            >Rhianna; the epitome of femininity
            >insults someones physical appearance
            women confirmed; opinion disregarded
            >leddit spacing
            >"You don’t know anything"
            projection, ouch
            and a namegay sheeeesh

        • Anonymous says:

          The amount of seethe is hilarious. I bet you have pictures of 1920s men saved on your drives. You’re definitely in the closet by how much handbags are triggering you

    • Vieo says:

      >Absolutely no

      It’s happening whether you want it too or not.

      >and I find twinks attractive as a dude

      I don’t see why this is relevant.

  1. Anonymous says:

    white one is the only one who pulls it off because 1) his clothes fit, and 2) he’s in an airport so the carry on bag is understandable. fit and context remain the keys to a good fit regardless of trend

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is only a good look if you’re borrowing your gfs bag or something. Like how an oversized Oxford shirt only looks good on a woman if it’s borrowed from her husband. If people found out you bought an expensive woman’s handbag for yourself they’d think you’re gonna Troon out or something

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