47 thoughts on “Hello, is this a good fit? What would you do differently?

    • Anonymous says:

      What kind of shoes and different pants would you suggest?

      awful shoes, need something fancier or at least clean


      any of my other shoes?

      >wearing shoes inside
      >dirty ratty rug
      >bedsheets unwashed

      Ding ding ding disgusting whore in the making alert!

      The fit is alright too just change your shoes, some boots would be nice.

      NOT A SINGLE NIGGA CALLING HIM OUT FOR BEING A TROON. THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THIS gay BOARD… the absolute state of this gay board… the absolute state…

      • Anonymous says:

        fit is okay, I like the silhouette a lot, pants + coat work very well here.
        I dont really like the checkered sweater thing, but that might just be my bias against the 2018/19 eboy era.
        Af1s dont really fit the vibe of the fit but they look nice in the pic tbh, any platforms could work here

        get something that’s not sneakers. if you really want to wear sneakers I think buffalos could look good here.


        Or is this better?
        Skinny jeans + different shoes

        this is actually abysmal please dont wear it again

  1. Anonymous says:

    >wearing shoes inside
    >dirty ratty rug
    >bedsheets unwashed

    Ding ding ding disgusting whore in the making alert!

    The fit is alright too just change your shoes, some boots would be nice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >What would you do differently?
    Bro for starters you went to the women’s section of Walmart for some reason to buy those unfashionable turds.
    Dude, women’s clothing simply isn’t engineered for men’s body structure and that’s why it all fits like shit and doesn’t work at all.
    It looks like you are wearing a Halloween costume a couple of weeks too early.
    My guy, post your everyday fit in men’s clothing because there is no way you leave you parent’s house dressed like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey bro. No it’s worse. Again you look like a Halloween costume only you did it wrong, please refer to pic rel..
      Cross dressing is seriously unfashionable mah dude, just accept it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dude, if you are actually gay aren’t you concerned you may drive away potential hot gay guys because you are dressed as a caricature of a woman? Generally speaking gay men aren’t attracted to women, google it if you don’t believe me.
          Nah man, your poor outdated fad fashion choice is considerably limiting your life.
          Serious challenge: post a pic of you in your everyday mens clothes fashion fit and I guarantee you you will get actual legit compliments and actual legit criticisms.

          • Anonymous says:

            Counterpoint, I’m "gay" (read: I brush my teeth and bathe at least once a day and I pay attention to my appearance including my clothes and hair), and I like feminized former males.

            As long as they’re not nazis. That’s a more significant problem than you might expect.

          • Anonymous says:

            same coat + black sweater + black skinny jeans but I wore that the last 3 times I went out and have to change things up today

  3. Anonymous says:

    trenchcoat looks like it was made in china
    checker pattern anything is for middleschoolers
    the trousers are ok but they’re clearly a woman’s cut since they dont fit your waist right
    airforce 1s are dogshit
    white button-up is too big for u
    the chanel bag clashes with how casual your fit is and only exaggerates how the rest of your clothes look cheap, im not a fan of the quilted texture either but thats minor
    learn to take better care of your hair plz, looks dry af and straighten ur bangs if u gonna keep them that short- ps ur forehead pops in that lighting lol

    • Anonymous says:

      >a bunch of trenheads and lonely gross out of shape fat men that spam bbc porn aren’t mean to me on /fit/
      lol yeah go get your confidence boost on /fit/, the place where an underweight male posting a shitless pic is a guaranteed 300 replies
      you aren’t special gay

  4. Anonymous says:

    >What would you do differently?
    Wear a black jacket/coat and the fit works.
    Nothing in it is tan or brown. So the coat doesn’t play with the monochrome/b&w outfit underneath.
    Alternatively introduce more brown tones into the fit to make it play nice with the rest, but then we’re talking about a completely different fit.

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