The transvestite community’s campaign against indie RPG Heartbeat has reached a fever pitch after learning that Chumbosoft is discounting their game by 41% on Steam, with some now even calling for the developers to be executed.

The number 41 is interpreted as a reference to the attempted suicide rate among men who suffer from a mental illness that causes delusions about turning into women.

Source: USA Today

One sicko with pronouns in they’s bio tweeted, “the devs of this game should not have beating hearts.” (archive)

Not really one to support violence but damn if someone doxxes the guy who made #HEARTBEATRPG and their body ends up in a ditch somewhere i wouldn’t complain,” said another. (archive)

ResetEra in particular — a far-left video game forum based on raiding and doxxing, and which we have written about extensively — is boiling over with calls for mass reports and various dirty tactics against the cutesy game about making friends and being kind to one another.

The transvestite community initially began their harassment campaign against Heartbeat’s devs late last month after a girlfriend of one of the devs revealed via Twitter that she doesn’t believe men who dress in women’s clothing become actual women.

There is currently no evidence to suggest the developers intentionally tried to match the discount with the transvestite attempted suicide rate, and users with Steam accounts set to currencies other than USD have reported seeing 42% instead.

Now it seems the transvestite community’s attempt to “cancel” Heartbeat has backfired in a big way. Mr. Antibully, a prominent anti-bully activist and documentarian from Minnesota, detailed the harassment campaign to his large online following and suggested the game might be worth a buy. It has been rapidly climbing Steam’s bestseller charts ever since.

“Fuck the internet,” laments one transvestite activist.

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