#MyWhitePrivilege is trending on Twitter and of course it's coming from Portland, OR

#MyWhitePrivilege is lighting up Twitter and boy, do pronoun laden twitterers have some unsubstantiated anecdotes for you today.

The top related mentions lead to @Freeyourmindkid -- a black nationalist writer for israeli magazine Forward.com (what?) and creator of an anti-Trump site -- as the main busy bee, spreading the pollen of cringe and division across the platform:

As TwitterMoments describes it:

The tag has spawned a frenzy of stories on personal experiences of purported privilege, many of them well into Poe territory:


A user who describes herself as a “gamer, nerd, spoonie, feminist, ugly, tired” even admits to shoplifting and then laments that her crime led to racial profiling:


A few more typical examples:





Other users are surprised this is trending and have a more realistic take on what they expect from this latest Twitter shitstorm:


Leaving aside the obvious baiting at play here by the classy individual at the heart of it all:


If we check the latest top related hashtags by tweets, we notice that #JussieSmollett is the main related tag:

Which really makes one wonder if the #MyWhitePrivilege tag wasn’t created and hyped right when the story of Jussie Smollett getting away with a hate crime hoax was starting to take over the internets and threatening to undermine the progressives’ typical claim to a moral higher ground when it comes to setting the public's agenda.

That's just conjecture, but let me leave you with something that's not.

The top tweeting city (at time of writing and according to Tweeplers) for the pathetic hashtag is Portland.

And why wouldn't it be?

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    ~~*white*~~ privilege

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      Soy vey

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    Soy vey

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