Hardcore psychiatric treatments

What is the good stuff?
You might say "go to a doctor" but my brother has been going to different doctors for almost 20 years and he only gets worse.
He tried all the pills, all different treatments, to no avail.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Sometimes I think he will die at any moment. Sometimes I wish he would die. Sometimes I wish he wasn't born.
He's extremely anxious, he cries over everything, he'a obese - and getting fatter -, it seems like only bad things and bad people come into his life.
It goes without saying he's still a virgin.
I don't know what to do anymore.
We even tried a religious guy, obviously didn't work as well.
There must be something that changes him, that makes him less anxious and sensitive.
I need it, and I need it now.

Please, help me.

  1. 1 week ago

    Just kill him already wtf

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  2. 1 week ago

    >my family member is fucked in the head
    >I totally don't know why
    >its not my fault
    you clearly abused him when he was young and now you're irresponsibly avoiding acknowledging the harm you caused

    • 1 week ago

      I never abused him, maybe I was absent but that's all.
      I wish I could have protect him from harm.
      To this day he can't even go for a walk: there's a 100% chance someone will try to make him sad.
      It seems like there's a sign at his back saying "shoot me".

      • 1 week ago

        neglect is abuse.

      • 1 week ago

        >To this day he can't even go for a walk: there's a 100% chance someone will try to make him sad.
        what the fuck
        is he being gangstalked for real?

  3. 1 week ago

    The mind trick.
    There's a mental state that allows one to seize control, and is something everyone is familiar with, though I have never found anyone realizing it's true nature.

    I keep postponing writing an article about it 'cause I'm busy, and people keep stumbling in the dark.

    Well, long story short.
    Find the state of mind that allows you to stop shivering from cold, or stop emotions, or stop from sneezing, or ignore tickles.
    The big reveal is all these things are linked to the exact same mental state. It's like temporarily disabling some mental processes, as long as you endure that state.

    It's easy to pinpoint if you can summon any emotion at will, because it will cancel out.

    When anything happens that makes your brother lose control, just have him enter that mental state, and all stuff like panic or anxiety will become manageable.
    An useful addition in the long term could be employing self-brainwashing techniques to try and address personality problems, but for short term the mind trick should do fine.

    It's simple, basically everybody is more or less familiar with it, and just needs a little practice to be able to enter that state at will.

    • 1 week ago

      He doesn't exactly lose control - or his temper - he just can't stand the unfairness of life anymore.
      He did everything he was supposed to do and somehow his life turned into complete shit.
      Honestly I feel like God hates our family, I'm too tired to find any logical explanation.

      • 1 week ago

        Does your brother want to be helped?
        It's a waste of time to help the unwilling, but if he's willing, self-brainwashing should be the best approach.
        I would suggest a change in environment for increased effectiveneness.

        Personality is rooted in memories, and although people don't actually have a single fixed personality, it's the one rooted in memories that becomes the default.
        Affirmations, visualizing scenarios, acting as he wish he would, etc.
        One needs to mold both conscious and unconscious mind by continuously reinforcing the pursued traits.
        Once a new personality has been properly instated, he can dissociate from and acknowledge his old self. Just like when you think back to your childhood and acknowledge that you're very different from your younger self.
        A healthy mind does not deny, but acknowledges and moves on.

        In regard to his bad luck, could be the usual self-fulfilling prophecy, law of attraction, whatever you want to call it.
        Even though it doesn't make sense scientifically, it doesn't mean the effect is zero or that there aren't mechanism in our universe that do make expected things more likely to happen.
        Always work by the assumption your thoughts can affect the events, even if it's through subtle unconscious hints or other means, so try to have him visualize better outcomes without getting delusional, it costs nothing.

        The right way is visualizing a path to a better self, and taking steps to making that path happen.

        It's not rocket science, but it takes determination for it to be effective.

        • 1 week ago

          One of the very few times anyone on this board has said something worthwhile.

  4. 1 week ago

    Force him out of his comfort zone? But I assume that already happened and it ended horribly though

    • 1 week ago

      I don't think he ever had a comfort zone.

  5. 1 week ago

    throw him to the dogs.
    let him fight his way out.
    see how he values his life...

  6. 1 week ago

    Get him to read this, it will give him the tools to change himself

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  8. 1 week ago

    >no more drugs/medication
    >better diet/exercise/sleep/socialisation

    wow that was so hard

    • 1 week ago

      this, good job paying pharma israelites for 20 years lmao
      i know what your family suffers from: total idiotic retardness

  9. 1 week ago

    But dude psychiatrists and neuroscientist and nutritionists all have a perfect understanding of reality! Everything they tell you is true despite having little to no ability to produce results or even to just make ya feel a bit better! Trust the "science"!

  10. 1 week ago

    Psychiatry is pseudo science,

    His main problem seems to be fragility. Focus on this. Encourage and help him to take action and face his fears. Whatever he needs to do but does not have the courage to do so, make him do it and say you will be there for him anyways, and explain to him he wont die or anything if it goes wrong. He can just try again. Start small and keep growing. Up to the point he doesn't need your support anymore. Probably just another spoiled overprotected kid.

    • 1 week ago

      >Encourage and help him to take action and face his fears
      that's the problem.
      He's obese, he needs to lose weight first.
      If he tries to interact with people now he'll only get worse.

      • 1 week ago

        Make rolled oats + pure yogurt (just mil+yeast, no suggar) his default stack. Its satisfies hunger more than normal food. And its a complex sugar so it wont raise his blood sugar levels and keep him fed from a long time.

        Morning and afternoon:
        two spoons of rolled oats + two spoons of yogurt. Thats roughly 150 kcals

        Lunch and dinner:
        1 portion of meat (important - meat is very caloric) + salad at will for a total of at most 450g. Don't use oil in the salad, use something with low calories, like mustard.

        plus 1 or 2 doses of whey protein with 200ml of milk along the day when he feels hungry.

        Plus 1 hour of walking everyday.

        That should mean a calorie deficit of at least 500.

        He shouldn't start losing weight immediatly. He will probably fail to follow the diet for a couple of monts until he gets used to eating that much. If he is going get out of the diet, make sure he at least eats the same king of food (that is - more yogurt+oat or +meat+salad). Like - eat three spoons if two arent enough.

        Keep the diet and the walking even on weekends.

        It must be a habit. Don't expect a short term miracle - this doesn't exist.


        Luch only one portion of meat + salad at will

  11. 1 week ago

    Oh? he's a pretentious homosexual now? how dare he. Kiss him. Hug him. Give him a popsicle. And most importantly, be empathic.

  12. 1 week ago

    I know a similar guy. Same story, tried everything for the last ten years to no avail.
    Honestly I am of the opinion that the only way to help people in this situation would be to drop them off on a deserted island where they have to fend for themselves most of the time. Not totally abandoned, they would be monitored, first taught elementary bush craft skills and given basic stuff, like a fishing line, a machete, stuff that would enable to make a fire, shelter, access safe drinking water, etc. But otherwise no communication with the outside world.
    Then leave them to it most of the time. Let them build shelter, catch and cook food, deal with the problems of bad weather, lack of electricity, etc. Let them reset their own internal gears. Intervene at times if they desperately need a leg up with anything or are in dire straits. Communicate on a regular basis to see how they are doing mentally. Like a check in every couple of months for a short interview. They need to know that there is a reason for what they are going through.

    The biggest problem I see is the impact of other people on their lives. They cant cope with it. People are cunts and most of us develop the skills to deal with being surrounded by cunts all the time. But for whatever reason these individuals fail to deal with it.

    I am pretty sure a year of two living like that would see them make a healthy readjustment. Or maybe they would find a way to off themselves. Maybe they would never want to go back to living in civilization. Who fucking knows at the end of the day? But it would at least give them a better chance at finding some happiness and self respect.

    This is all fine and dandy of course, but the sad fact is its nearly impossible. Where the fuck can you find a deserted island these days that could sustain a human? Not to mention the sheer cost of such a program, or the shitshow that would ensue if one of the subjects did off themself.

  13. 1 week ago

    Lock him in a padded room for days at a time.

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