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  1. Anonymous says:

    to buy or to sell?
    In my limited experience:
    couldn’t find anything good, seemed to be mainly old crap people were clearing out of their closets but maybe I didn’t check at a good time. Kept getting random messages from people, dunno if spambots or just weird idiotss
    full of teenagers trying to flip stuff for more than they bought it for. Had an interesting experience where something I bought was randomly refunded to me months later, so I basically got it for free and I don’t know why.
    site kept glitching out for me, wasn’t able to sign up

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grailed you can find some good stuff, but its not worth selling on because wiggers will just low ball you. I only sell on eBay. Poshmark has a shit selection. Depop is the worst of the worst with college gays selling their garbage. I dont go on StockX because I dont buy heckboy shit. Etsy might be good IF YOU COULD heckING SORT BY SIZE

  3. Anonymous says:

    >online thrift store
    whats wrong with a brick and mortar thrift store?
    at least at those you can actually physically inspect the clothes you like and can take them home with you the same day

    • Anonymous says:

      If you don’t live near a nice area where rich people frequently donate quality stuff selection can be really bleak. I still do it since it’s basically just low-stakes gambling and you can occasionally find something decent but like 90% of the time I’m walking out the store with nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      >whats wrong with a brick and mortar thrift store?
      Consider how quickly you can filter and view thousands of online listings. In a b&m thrift store you are limited by:
      >a random selection of clothing as opposed to a filtered subset based on your preferences
      >the actual physical speed at which you are able to inspect items
      You can sift through thousands of listings in a matter of minutes on ebay.
      b&m thrift stores are for when you aren’t looking for anything too specific and you want to try your luck.

    • Anonymous says:

      Depop zoomers are dumb as heck, never list measurements and barely understand what theyre selling
      Poshmark is mostly garbage womens fast fashion… I still check there just in case theres a diamond in the rough
      Grailed and ebay are the best

      >its not the gif

      • Anonymous says:


        Sucks ass. I do not want to hear some zoomer tell me this piece would go great with x. List the hecking measurements. Their search filters are not good.
        ya mostly garbage, but great if you are looking for a specific branded piece and already know your measurements. You can find things for dirt cheap here and sellers often discount shipping. I like that if the seller is an ass that doesn’t ever ship the item, its easy to cancel the order and get your money back.
        Great. Use it all the time. Filter options are superb and let me really nail down exactly what I’m looking for, or create nice general searches to browse through. Been using Ebay for a long time.

      • Sieg heil says:

        Zoomers are dumb as heck you can sell them licenses of diffusion bullshit at high prices with weird out dated cuts and they eat that shit up

        Zoomers think a used item marked off at 20-30% of retail is a great deal

  4. Anonymous says:

    is good for gorpcore stuff not much else. its worth searching on if you’re looking for a specific item. prices are usually lowest here and sellers more often don’t know what they have.
    is good for lowballing shit you sort of want thats been listed for 6-12+mo already and seeing if they’ll bite. i got like new balmain leathers for 80 dollars. in 2015 at the height of that stuff being popular. no jokes. there was a crease on the leg and nobody bid i had a place fix it for 100bux.
    the stuff you really want on there is overpriced.
    also good for tracking down previous season shit you missed out on.
    but this makes it annoying as heck to sell on.
    completely ruined on the west coast because of poshmark/depop, social media and that macklemore song.
    all the cities with designer shit and rich people now actually research what they’re selling and price things higher than retail or pull it aside for shopgoodwill.


  5. Anonymous says:

    good, mix of sellers who know what they have and dealz, being good at search terms-fu goes a long way.
    just buy reps on pandabuy. stockx can’t authenticate anyways so theres a good chance what you get on there is fake. prices are wack.
    hecking Black folk i’ll make you a better website for 30 grand.

  6. Anonymous says:

    also know that these hecking Black folk will ship all your packages through lowest bidder domestic shipping which means your shit is going to take 3 months to get to you, maybe with tracking maybe without, even if the seller lives 50 miles from you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Zoomers are dumb as heck you can sell them licenses of diffusion bullshit at high prices with weird out dated cuts and they eat that shit up

      Zoomers think a used item marked off at 20-30% of retail is a great deal

      post fit chubs

  7. Anonymous says:

    >sell tshirt to a guy in the US on grailed
    >he pays $20 for the shirt and $30 for shipping (i dont know why it was priced this way because i set my US shipping price as $20)
    >thank him and say ill let him know when it’s sent out
    >"thanks, im going on a trip on the 30th and getting it before then would be great"
    can’t wait for this tub of lard to complain that he didn’t receive it overnight

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