Ive been in a relationship with him for 3years ~ I feel like i'm gonna die if i wont see him for a week, NO a day. Lol XD i love him , sky is the limit. Im so inlove with him that forever is not enough. then, i found out im pregnant.

it was im in mix emotion,im excited to tell him what would gonna be his reaction.. he hug me so tight, he told me to take care always and said he'll be goin home to tell his parents..
only to find out, he already left..

he leave me without even saying :'( i wanna die .. im so stress, but trying to be strong for our bby, but im almost dead .. year later, yeah i knw i already move on .. but somehow, i barely think why this thing happen to me. .

the pressure i felt now , was for this guy who existed in my life and felt me im so special, coz really. im still afraid for another gudbye.

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