43 thoughts on “Going bald is a death sent-

      • Anonymous says:

        normies are the ones with this gay’s taco bell bathroom doodles on shirts and coffee mugs. his art was cringe and so was he, he rode on the clout wave of more talented more relevant and more queer artists in his inmediate vicinity. but because he sucked everyones dick so good they decided to entertain his boring doodle art. normies love the stupid new york scene fron the late 60s to mid 80s, give me a break. woah andy warhol had his gay friends pee pee on his painting haha. woahh! childrens hiv ward wall murals by keith haring woahhhhh! you normies wouldnt get it, this simplistic drawing of gay doodle boys sucking each others cocks is avant garde! he only draws simple figures unless it comes to their fat dicks then he needs to put some veins on that b***h

  1. Anonymous says:

    I usually reserve judgement for art thinking that I may just not understand it, but this guy was undoubtedly a hack. I dont see why people like him other than hype beast shit at this point

  2. Anonymous says:

    He was an ugly motherhecker with or without hair, but unfathomably based. People here talk shit about him while being broke neets or slaving away nine to five, Haring on the other hand got away with doodling cocks to make a living. Me and the lads didn’t get a cent for doing this on the high school‘s blackboards.

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