Going back to work? Top 5 job sectors to consider in 2021

Whether or not you believe the great rehiring is upon us, it is always worrying to be out of work in times of economic uncertainty. Here are some fresh and practical ideas and insights as to where you could be looking, why you should consider these sectors, and which specific jobs may have your name all over them.


The health sector is trending as a source of jobs because people now live longer than ever before and are more proactively involved in their own healthcare and wellbeing. As a result of these changes in behavior, the healthcare sector as a whole is indeed of more staff, and professionals at all levels of their careers are being actively sought.

The range of jobs that are now available are varied and numerous, and this is likely to continue throughout both the US and Canada. For example, it was noted that as of 2020, hospitals employed over 640 000 people. The Canadian healthcare sector as a whole also offers some of the best health and dental insurance for workers, which means that any job in this sector will also likely see you and your family well taken care of at affordable prices.

The jobs that are specifically going to make new employment and small business opportunities are in nursing, elderly care, health data management, and health management. To give you a specific idea, a registered nurse was paid at an average salary of $71,872, an impressive salary for one of the starting points into healthcare.

Healthcare jobs are increasing, with over 36000 more jobs created in the last quarter of 2020. It’s a sector on the rise, and this demand is pushing wages up and driving an increase in the opportunities for training and development for entry into the sector and nursing in particular.

Public safety

Safety and security are pressing concerns in the current climate and context. There has been a marked increase in the type, level, and seriousness of protests on our streets. Online crime and unease prevail in society as a whole. The jobs growth in public safety, security, and policing is being seen across the country, and from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to territory-specific police forces, all are actively seeking to recruit.

Although there are some exciting specializations and fantastic opportunities for growth and career development, most of the job’s growth is expected at the nexus of data and crime. As the importance of data increases, so too does its theft and misuse by criminal elements online. It is an area that has grown in the last decade, and now it is information and data that will be central in improving public safety and policing.

Jobs to look out for will be crime analyst, cyber detectives, and strangely enough, policemen and women. With all the tech and the availability of data, drones, and more, we still require people on the street as part of the public safety and policing systems.

Information technology and data management

The rise and advancement in technology and Information technology have seen a marked increase in the number and type of jobs that are available in this sector. It is not just a buzzword or a phrase; we are now fully immersed in the data age, and as such most jobs will need data of some sort or form to be gathered, stored, and analyzed to improve processes and systems. As a result, jobs related to data and information technology as a whole are on the rise and have seen a surge in growth over the last 2 years which is expected to continue into the long term.

As with anything else in Canada, you need to be sure of the demand in the territory that you are in. However, some of the tech and especially data-related jobs can now be done from anywhere, including the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. As long as there is connectivity, then you can consider a career in Canadian informatics and data management.

Data analytics, cloud consultants, and infrastructure specialists are and will continue to be jobs now and in the future.

Mental health and wellbeing

Although a subsector of the health industry, the mental health and wellbeing sector is worth examining on its own as it has grown and continues to do so following some of the most difficult times of human existence. The need for human contact, advice, and intervention is still key for mental health and wellbeing, and this sector has seen phenomenal growth and wherein further growth is expected in the short to medium term.

These roles may be more specific than some of the jobs discussed herein and will require further training and study, but will be a sustainable choice as, unfortunately, it has become an essential aspect of human co-existence.

Jobs for counselors, mental health practitioners, and advisors are those jobs that are trending and to look out for.

Innovation and tech

There can be no top five of anything that does not have a tech section. This is because we live in a world dominated by technology, and as such, some of the most sustainable and long-term jobs will be in technology and better still if you can innovate because the greatest opportunity will be at the innovative end of the tech sector.

Each of the jobs and sectors mentioned in this article will have a technology aspect that will also supply job opportunities a-plenty, and if you have an interest or a background in anything technical, then the future is brightest for you in terms of availability and variety of work.

Final remarks

The art of building a sustainable career is to spend some time planning on the outset. These five sectors will yield multiple arrays of jobs and careers. So, first, it is about figuring out which of these sectors and which specific jobs are available where you are, then establishing whether your skills match the available jobs. Of course, the possibility of retraining is always there, but the next step is to apply, get suited and booted, and await the opportunity to interview for a job with a future.

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