How to gain the heart of a Libra woman

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According to statistics, representatives of the softer sex believe in horoscopes more than men, but there are still enough men out there ready to trust the astrologers. If you are one of them, get ready for a dizzying adventure. The Libra is intelligence with dreamy thinking, and dreams need to be turned into reality.

Ladies born under this constellation require a special approach due to their difficult temper and original views on life. There are several secrets that will help you gain the heart of your chosen one, so let's get started.

Who is the Libra and how do you gain her heart?

The Libra is perhaps the most feminine sign because the ladies born under it are mostly:

  • beautiful, charming, changeable, mysterious, uncompromising, inimitable, feminine to the core;
  • love adventures and are always ready to try something new;
  • selfish, therefore put their interests above others;
  • distinguished by an inquiring mind and wisdom;
  • calm about things, preferring to collect impressions rather than stuff;
  • love to be in the public limelight and drawing admiring glances.

How to please a Libra: appearance and temper

Men’s handsome exterior is important for a Libra, so you should immediately get rid of:

  • dirty, untidy clothes;
  • those extra pounds;
  • dirt under the nails;
  • the smell of sweat and other “charms”.

A Libra lady can only be won over by a man who is neat, well-dressed, with a trim figure and unique charm.

But not only with a single appearance will you conquer your beloved, because she requires a high intellectual level and ingenuity from her chosen one, especially if she can boast of a virile mind. In addition to this, a whole set of qualities, without which she cannot imagine her chosen one.

How to behave to capture her heart

It is not enough to have a stylish appearance and a character that suits the Libra perfectly. You also need to learn how to present yourself to win her often whimsical attention span. If your goal is to conquer a Libra lady, do the following:

Surprise her

Representatives of this sign love surprises, especially those that are presented in public, so that the audience can admire your resourcefulness and start to envy. This is just the case when it is almost impossible to overdo the romance and originality, so be creative: write words of love on the pavement under her windows, sing serenades, send armfuls of flowers to her when she is on work, etc.

Give her space

The Libra idolizes the idea of having that very special someone in their life, but if you do not grant her some independence she may just begin to suspect you are not that special someone. Support her freedom as she will yours, and don't question her adventuresome nature, and in return she will reward you with unflinching loyalty.

Spoil her

If you want to conquer Libra, you will have to spend not only time and effort on a lady of this sign but also money. Bouquets of wildflowers and home-made cards do not work beyond the school years. From time to time, you will have to give expensive gifts and spend a vacation on the resorts with her. Libra appreciates material wealth in men, so it is unlikely that they will connect their lives with the pauper.

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