33 thoughts on “Fuck Uniqlo. Buy from Muji instead. Uniqlo is cancer and needs to go away and be replaced by Muji.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mixed feelings about Muji I have a polo from there that i like but i also have a white t-shirt that shrunk like a full size after first wash (no high temperature, no dryer)

    • Anonymous says:

      I mean, you can even see online how thin it looks. I wouldn’t expect it to be thick, especially at that price and all.

      • Anonymous says:

        That may be true, but I see a lot of people saying their linen shirts are good for the price. I’m just saying that I disagree with that sentiment. Jcrew Baird mcnutt linen shirts are frequently on sale for the same price and are much better imo

      • Anonymous says:

        dude why the heck would you buy used clothes for your girl? kys bro

        it’s just a square piece of fabric bro, who cares


        You can buy this new alpaca wool big scarf for $32 leafbucks from banana republic + extra 30% off right now. Made in Italy with Italian yarn.

        nice, I probably would have copped if I didn’t have this already

    • Anonymous says:

      You can buy this new alpaca wool big scarf for $32 leafbucks from banana republic + extra 30% off right now. Made in Italy with Italian yarn.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like some of their stuff but the cuts are weird. For the price it’s not bad at all, better that Uniqlo.

    I have an old oxford shirt that is holding pretty well with time (5 years) and is holding better than some Carhartt WIP stuff. Now I bought more recently but I don’t know if their clothing shrinks a lot with time or if I should get it tailored later.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I buy a lot in their HK store when I visit, but there’s no store in my country. Muji is definitely better than Uniqlo, but the prices are also 4x as much and they have a very defined aesthetic. You can always pick Muji clothes on the street, but you might not be able to pick Uniqlo. Depends what you’re after, Uniqlo is just Japanese Walmart tier, Muji is more equivalent to a department store brand.

    About 8 years ago I wore full Muji for a while lol.

  4. Anonymous says:

    >go on Muji website
    >try and look for what I want
    >there’s no filter

    Yeah heck you I’m not scrolling through your entire catalogue.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Muji clothes are average at best, and they don’t have much variety compared to Uniqlo. However, I do have to say that their water-repellent sneakers are pretty comfy and affordable for a canvas shoe.

    Their marshmellow is tasty too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Muji is pretty good. I live in Japan and I just bought a really thin cotton suit from Muji. The suit is really nice because it doesn’t have shoulder pads, it’s like halfway between casual and formal. I doubt Muji will be big outside of Japan because the style is very Japanese. Many Mandarin collar shirts, for instance.
    But, Uniqlo is definitely more on that fast fashion side. I bought some work shirts from there today actually, and they were 1900jpy each for a short sleeve button up made of breathable athletic fabric.

    That being said, unless you’re asian size or you have a good physique, the shit will look bad on you most likely. Pretty much all Japanese clothes are very boxy and straight cut. I’m only able to pull it off because I have a muscular, athletic physique, so it being tight around the chest, arms, back, and shoulders looks good.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Muji has some nice atmosphere, good pre entry level face cosmetics, and snacks are fine. But I would never buy clothes there. Always done my clothing shopping in Uniqlo or Global Work, but Im pretty basic.

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