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HookTubeA light-weight Youtube experience.
Hype BreakAnalysis of games and criticism of game journalism and the culture surrounding video games.

DA>40 outlets that have covered LULZ stories:

Daily WireSJWs Wasted No Time Shredding Deceased Comic Book Legend Stan Lee
Zero Hedge49 Dead In New Zealand Mosque Shootings; One Man Charged; Gunman Livestreamed Attack
NextSharkReddit Users Fund AMWF Porn to Trigger White Supremacists on 4chan — And It’s Working
TechAULinux has a developer kill switch that may be pulled after outrage over Code of Conduct

Video creators who have covered LULZ stories:

Gavin McInnes‘Tariq Nasheed: hurricane rescue crews conspire to mass murder black people’ on CRTV’s Get Off My Lawn ep185
No BullshitPewDiePie’s Ben Shapiro Collab Triggers Leftists
Tim PoolProgrammers REVOLT Against Social Justice Rules in Linux
The QuarteringLinux Vs SJW’s In The Battle For The Internet

Game Journos Doxxing & Targeting CDPR Employees
akamikebRIP Trion, The Nintendo Dreamcast, Hodor, Hodor, Hodor, Yo dawg I heard you got offended..
Computing ForeverThe Culture Wars Have Come to Linux
Styxxhexenhammer666Reddit Does More Censorious Commie Crap, Gets Mocked By Everyone
The Outer LightSJWs take down Linus Torvald and Linux
Memory HoldReddit Quarantines “hateful” Content
Raging Golden EagleSJWs force their CoC on Linux, Linux fights back
FastGadgetsLinux Code of Conduct – The Other Shoe Has Dropped
quidsupLinux vs Social Justice Warriors
Total OS TodayLinux Kill Switch? IDIOTS!
mercybeatOpen letter to Linus Torvalds (Stop Linux CoC)
Vox DayDARKSTREAM: Linux Converged – throw the killswitch!
Drone DogsLinux developers threaten to pull “kill switch” 🤔 (LINUXGATE – Code of Conduct Controversy 2018)
BuzWeaverThe Friday Vlog 📷 | Gaming Update | Social Media Activist Infiltration
Dave McCulloughSJW Attack on the Linux Kernal is too Dangerous for all of us – Not Clickbait
Shane KillianBogosity Podcast for 11 March 2018
callison caffreyContinuity Break – STOP FORCING YOUR COC UP MY OS!
Turd Flinging MonkeyTFM 42O: 9/26/2018