21 thoughts on “Femboy Fashion 101

    • Vieo says:

      I’m not a man, but I’m a manmoding genderqueer trans woman.

      I have two studs in each ear AND pigtails.

      To be honest, I get shit sometimes, but just from insecure black men, and it’s never been because of my earrings but because I look like I’m trapped between genders sometimes.

      The point is, wear whatever the heck you want.

      Life is too short to be worried about what people who have no effect on your life are worried about.

      However, if you do get them pierced, do both of them because just having one pierced makes you look cringe and like you’re afraid of people thinking you’re gay.

      • Anonymous says:

        id on shoes (left)?

        vieo in 2023.. do u photoshop your nose bigger or is it just like that?? u should get a rhinoplasty regardless. also u look much better than the last times I saw u on /fashion/

        The thing with this pic is that it isn’t some skinny twink you used to see in trap threads back in the 2010s. now there all broad shouldered built like a linebacker look like shit there is literally no standards now.if you were a shit crossdresser back then people would laugh at how terrible you were.

        u cant even see their shoulders lmao

      • Anonymous says:

        You are a failed women. Transition back into a male and start your family(if you still can with your shrinked nuts). You’re a abomination and nature will eradicate you from the gene pool.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are tranny the ultimate sexual deception? I mean for me a man transition into a female with dick is a huge turn on, but not in a gay, but in a sadistic way.
    Think about it, a dude gave up his manhood to submit to other man. Get they semen into his body, probably also offer his butt raw for total annihilation.
    This makes me horny ass heck, even more so than actual bio women.
    But after your sexual rage will flee after cuming you’re left with guilt and shame due to hecking a man.

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