fear causes destruction - love causes fear

Ironically I love the thought of falling in love, a rom com addict, romance book addict reading or watching others faultless relationships - but this is not reality I know that. I watched my parents destroy each other in their marriage till there was nothing left. They hurt each other and hurt their children- emotionally scarring everybody. Yes wounds heal but they always leave a scar, the reminder that dont do it look what happens - once bitten twice shy and all that.

I have fallen in "love" with a man - I add the " because im only 80% there. I cant give 100% because the scars tell me love doesnt work it just destroys everything. Its not that I dont trust him - I dont trust love, I cant give my control to love because i cant let it destroy me too. I can express how I feel because I fear that the love is not strong enough to deal with it. However, its not that love that destroys things its the fear - I know this fear stops me being 100% me and destroys me and others - and if I dont trust love it will destroy this relationship too, it will destroy my life....

There cant be a life without love but how do you trust it?

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