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  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m working class in a third world country
    we don’t have a concept of "fast fashion"
    we would buy cheap clothes and wear them for years even if they were falling apart

    • Anonymous says:

      which is crazy, here in germany, shirts cost 10-20€ depending where you go and people earn like 1200€-3000€ monthly
      every week there is a pile forming next to the clothing donation box because people throw their stuff away when their closets get too full

      • Anonymous says:

        It does seem especially bad in Germany, you’d be hard pressed to find someone under the age of 30 wearing something that’ll survive one wash cycle now, people actually getting excited for "shein drops" (wtf even does that mean they have new clothes every day)

        I guess it comes with the territory of being a country of misers who only just now are learning clothes that aren’t just uniforms exist

        • Anonymous says:

          >We dont buy cloth at all
          where are you from?

          >You can see teenagers wearing full zara looks sometimes
          where? in germany or in africa?

          • Anonymous says:

            I am from Kongo.
            Yes, you can see full zara looks here.
            In poor areas they prefer visible logo stuff tho. More logos->better
            You can see levis and adidas tshirts everywhere. Football team jerseys are common too

          • Anonymous says:

            brother, its the same here in germany and all over the world, each social group dresses more or less the same

        • Anonymous says:

          Yet if you go into an op shop they want 75% of retail price, even if that makes most things more expensive than brand new from Kmart/Uniqlo/shien. While people are buying too much, op shops are irresponsible to prioritise selling for high prices instead of being affordable with high turnover.

          • Anonymous says:

            >While people are buying too much, op shops are irresponsible to prioritise selling for high prices instead of being affordable with high turnover.
            yeah but its more because they got infiltrated by 1) people that have no business being in op shops (resellers and the like)
            2) are now run by le business mindset

  2. Anonymous says:

    >tfw just discovered actual definition of the term "fast fashion" today
    Wait, people actually toss clothes after wearing them just once?

      • Anonymous says:

        I assumed that it just meant flavour of the month designer bullshit that never stays on mannequins for more than 2 weeks, not cheap low quality shit that gets tossed within days goddamn

  3. Anonymous says:

    normgroids are so hecking stupid, propping up yet another middleman website. wish, shein, now temu. and they really think they’re getting a deal, lmao. like they really don’t even know the basics of global commerce. I don’t understand how they keep falling for it, and I understand even less how these new websites keep blowing up randomly. who knows what the replacement for temu will be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do ocasionally, for the type of clothes where quality isn’t that important like pyjamas, workout wear or just cheap clothes to do house chores in. I still look at the tags for the composition or I buy these cheap garments second hand from vinted. I don’t believe anyone on this board only buys 100% handmade organic cotton for every single garment they own.

    • Anonymous says:

      honestly, i bought a couple of brand new loud print long sleeve button down shirts that are 100% rayon and i hecking love them, you can wash them anyway and dry the heck out of them and they achieve a nice vintage patina right away

  5. Anonymous says:

    I mostly buy second hand, theres so much good shit you can get on ebay and grailed its insane, usually from reputable brands like Ralph Lauren and for cheaper than fast fashion
    the only pain in the ass thing about it is that you have to get them professionally cleaned before you can wear them if its wools or dry clean only stuff

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you buy fast fashion, or mallcore brands like RL/Hilfiger/etc retail, you are as far as one can be from being /fashion/

    • Anonymous says:

      Poser moron.


      do you regularly buy fast fashion?

      I love fast fashion.
      Even US thrift shops have inflated thrift shops to being like two digits minimum in clothes, and places that do sell cheap clothes in person STILL ALL GET THEM MADE FROM THE SAME CHINESE SWEAT SHOP SHEIN DOES.
      You see there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism. There’s only optics, people don’t’ give a heck about sweat shop workers, they care about not being perceived as partaking in the system when they do every day of their lives.
      I rep Shein and I’ll defend them publicly if I need to because I know I’d be in the right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Real but u kinda glossed over thrift stores.. Goodwill is pretty cheap, and so is salvation army and it always has some stuff half off. Shein is the same as h&m zara gap etc, and everyone pretends it isn’t true, like they’re not just an outdated business model

  7. Anonymous says:

    just watched this https://youtu.be/F6R_WTDdx7I?si=dtpI_cPeKf_1Pxy3 OP? we all partake in it. barely anyone younger than 40 knows how to stitch, much less how to make their own clothing

    • Anonymous says:

      Bo, i have never sewn this video
      I dont know how to stitch or patch up my clothes but my mother does
      ive brought clothes to rhe tailor to get them repaired tbh
      reparations cost as much as new cheap clothes
      thats with every product nowadays

    • Anonymous says:

      This sounds more like this guy is just complaining about the fact that most people are assholes who refuse to wear their clothes often over and over instead of throwing them out after 7 uses.
      I blame a good chunk of women btw

  8. Anonymous says:

    Femanon here- I love to thrift so the only thing I buy new are undergarments from brandy Melville and socks from target. I wish I could be one of those “buys everything from environmentally sustainable fair labor businesses” girls but that’s so expensive for the most basic items that need to be restocked frailty anyways

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