Fades are a meme.

Fades are a meme. They look great for the first 2 days before your hair grows back immediately and does that weird side afro thing, you need lots of maintenance and the more skin fades you get, the most susceptible you are to razor burn/infections/scars. Plus most barbers just hack away and charge $80 each time you get it maintained. Unless your a military/cop bro, just let your soul glo!

35 thoughts on “Fades are a meme.

  1. Anonymous says:

    "you’re not that guy" the haircut.
    looks amazing on aryan guys over 200lb who lift and have a good jaw.
    looks like shit on most people i see with it on the street.
    makes me think of stinky dirty pajeets these days to be honest.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah man, it exposes their head bumps/acne/pimples. I have a round noggin and I used to get but it was always 50/50, I’d either get it just right to make my head a little squarer or I’d end up looking like a basketball. Every Lebanese dude I know has the same 0 skin fade with a little pubis toff on top, I like the comb over look but its just a pain to maintain

      • Anonymous says:

        same anon.
        oh yeah i forgot because i mostly live around the fruity kind of blacks the last couple years. fades either look super good on blacks (tie, could argue best) or fruity. a lot of black guys with them these days look over groomed esp with eyebrows and heck it up (not a problem in the past, i blame rappers looking/being gay now.) if you don’t fall for those pitfalls its really hard to heck up. 80s flat tops were peak.

    • Anonymous says:

      >looks amazing on aryan guys
      >makes me think of stinky dirty pajeets
      /pol/tard intelligence and history knowledge, everyone

      • Anonymous says:

        i mean i am racist but it is true certain haircuts look like shit on certain races. its not exactly hitler stuff to point out everyone has diff hair texture head shape facial characteristics etc which all tie into the complete picture of aesthetic. and that good looking people play to those strengths. i don’t wear yellow gold because it looks like shit on my pasty skin tone. examples.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah i just do a buzzcut and make it slightly shorter to the sides, but no fade cause that shit is gay as hell and when they start to grow back it looks like shit

  3. Anonymous says:

    that high skin fade looks like ass on anyone, it’s trashy tbh
    lower taper is much better

    also anyone recommending a buzz or long hair for the avg fella is wrong, looks even worse

    • Anonymous says:

      This, just get a low fade once every two months, and don’t overthink it : buzzpill looks like shit and long hair is hard to pull off

  4. Anonymous says:

    Reservist here. It’s honestly not bad. I go to my barber once or every other month depending on the drill schedule and I pay about $60 to get a nice cut from the same guy every time. It’s a nice lively environment, they hand me a beer when I come in and I honestly enjoy getting cut there. Still wouldn’t trade it for a bricks cut from my boy Esquivel for the price of his share of tequila we’d smuggle into the schoolhouse, but it’s pretty nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have your facial hair type. I’d try getting rid of the facial hair for a while. I get ingrown hairs if I do a close shave so I use a Philips hair trimmer w/o any guards, and a safety blade on my upper cheek. Check out some styles on youtube or find a good barber. What’s nice is you’re young and you still have your hair.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this taper too high for me to ask for a taper on the back once I get this shit “mullet” shaved off, or will the barber have to just make it a full fade

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prior milcuck, don’t know why everyone here wants this stupid ass milcuck haircut.
    >”It’s not a military haircut!!”
    Yes it is, tapered fade on the sides and long on top originated with the prussian military.

    Shit only looks good if your jacked, latino or white, and have a strong jawline. Aka what all the stupid ass disney marvel heros with this haircut are.

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