Examsnap — Why Should You Get Six Sigma Certified?

Getting an education on Six Sigma methodologies can really give your career a huge boost. Well, don’t fret if you are not aware of what Six Sigma certification is and whether it’s for you or not. Adding Examsnap credential to your resume demonstrates your commitment to enhancing your business expertise and analytical skills, and, most importantly, improving the business or organization you work for.

In this article, we will discuss the details of Six Sigma credentials and why you should get certified. So, let’s get started!

What is Six Sigma Certification?
Six Sigma is a set of instruments and techniques meant to enhance production processes, get rid of flaws in business, and improve the quality of products and services. Six Sigma certification is meant to authenticate professionals who are able to identify risks, defects or errors in the organization process and get rid of them.

To become Examsnap certified, you need to possess a certain level of experience and prove your proficiency. Once you get your certification, you become a specialist in improving business processes and earn more credibility.

Six Sigma Certification Levels
Six Sigma certification is administered at various levels which include:

  • White Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Black Belt and
  • Master Black Belt

All these certifications can be administered through a Six Sigma authorized body such as The Council for Six Sigma Certification.

The Six Sigma Skill Levels

  • White Belts are individuals with entry skill level who deal with basic Six Sigma concepts and help to back up change management in a business.
  • Yellow Belts possess associate-level skills. They are knowledgeable about the tools of Six Sigma and their applicability.
  • Green Belts are individuals who attained advanced Six Sigma skills and demonstrated an understanding of innovative analysis. These specialists can resolve issues that impair quality.
  • Black Belts are Six Sigma professionals. At this level, you are experienced enough to train newbies and lead projects.
  • Master Black Belts are Six Sigma experts. At this level, an individual can develop a strategy and train Black and Green Belts.

Examsnap credential will help you to demonstrate your level of expertise in business improvement and error elimination.

How to Achieve Six Sigma Certification
To become a Six Sigma certified professional, you will need to satisfy experience requirements and prove your competency by passing an exam. Exams are supervised by the CSSC, which is an official Six Sigma certification body.

The exams can include multiple-choice or true/false questions. The duration and cost of the tests depend on the proficiency level. Please note that different certification paths can include different prerequisites. For more information about Six Sigma certification requirements, visit the official CSSC website.

Now, let’s see why should you get Six Sigma certified.

1. Help Your Organization to Remove Errors
Professionals who have achieved Six Sigma certification are helpful to the organizations they work with because they can identify and get rid of errors or defects.Equipped with Six Sigma certification, you can help your organization to make profits by identifying and removing errors that otherwise would have caused poor customer satisfaction and losses.

2. Become a Pro inProcess Improvement
Once you become Six Sigma certified, you can collect the data meant to establish the traits of an organization’s manufacturing processes. You can also assess, analyze, manage, and improve these processes.

3. Keep Quality Improvement in Organizations
Once you attain Six Sigma certification, you can enhance the environment of an organization, especially if you are in key administration.You can also support quality improvement, which involves keeping track of processes to minimize or prevent deviations.

4. Six Sigma Certification is Applicable to Multiple Areas
Once you get Six Sigma certification, you get the opportunity to work in different industries such as Healthcare, Banking or Finance, just to mention a few of them. In fact, the demand for Six Sigma certified professionals continues to soar throughout industries.

5. Assure Compliance
Six Sigma has strict requirements which are necessary to get rid of manufacturing or processing errors.Once you become Six Sigma certified, you can help organizations to adjust to global requirements and maintain valuable contracts.

6. You Get Huge Paychecks
A survey conducted by Indeed.com in America has shown that a Six Sigma licensed individual could pocket a salary of up to $117,000 per year. Expert-level Six Sigma certified individuals can earn $100,000 and above. In fact, Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts are among the highest paid individuals worldwide.

7. Improved Chances of Promotion
Six Sigma certification is a proof of an individual’s skillset and talents which demonstrates ability and knowledge an individual has in their area of expertise. Having this type of certification increases the chances of promotion and salary raise.

In Conclusion
As you can see, Six Sigma credential can bring many benefits. A resume with Six Sigma certification will definitely attract the attention of hiring managers! So, don’t wait and start your career journey with Six Sigma right now!

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I don’t mind stuff like this. Business sense helps pretty much everyone. People that own a house and have secured retirement are at peak happiness (being richer doesn’t increase relative happiness according to research) and it takes some business sense to reliably achieve that.


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