52 thoughts on “Elf ears fashion trend

  1. Anonymous says:

    ear body modding is pretty acceptable in today’s society, with earrings, gauges, and cauliflower ear, so this isn’t really that crazy

    • Anonymous says:

      They look weird as normal ears but pointy. I think they’d look better if they were longer.

      bro same except they rounded out as I got older and now they’re just kind of ugly and asymmetrical

  2. UwO says:

    Add increased investment into gene splicing to the mix. CRISPR is what I want to hear people talking about

    And fresh abstract science/magic.

    Multiverses are more than just universes, they’re also (for example) omnipresent abstract energy/mass.
    There’s infinite omnipresent abstract masses.
    Abstract powers.

    Think about the relativities of abstract power.

    • Anonymous says:

      You schizo didn’t mean it like that, but CRISPR is actually related to the op post. I’d love to see people getting genetically modified to have actual elf ears and such. Too bad scientists are pussies these days, and hinder our progress artificially.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would rather see eye mods than anything. Too many beta males with impaired vision despite having the beautiful blue eyes mutation.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only 3 compliments I ever had were my eyes and two were when I wore contacts. The third was when I took off my glasses to wipe some sweat away and some girl legitimately gasped when I looked at her then she said how pretty my eyes are without glasses. My eyes do not play nice with contacts though so here I am, forever hiding the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          Same shit here man, girls always say stuff about my eyes when they see me without glasses but my eyes got hecked up in an accident years ago and cornea scratches or whatever never really heal, so I’m stuck with glasses.

          • Cecelia Drakensang In Seattle says:

            I don’t know why anyone finds it hard to believe, but because they people have high mental instability. Any other part in history and this would be obvious to everyone. But we live in a society in which people tolerate all kinds of mental illness, and are scared to even tell people they are mentally ill.

            Tattoos usage does correlate with higher mental instability. Those that tattoo their face, or eyeballs are on the top end of mental instability.

        • Anonymous says:


          heres another classic

          >Talking about genetics and blue eyes (Melanin mutation)
          >Fixing impaired vision
          What does eye tattoos have to do with anything.

          • Anonymous says:

            My eyes look like second from the left on top and I hate it, it’s just the ugliest brown and greens, my pupils look like a hecking green poopy anus when dilated. I wish I had blue eyes or deep brown ones like top far left.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know a girl who got this done years ago, can’t remember exactly when but it was pre-covid. Funny thing is my ex had naturally elf-like ears and actually got surgery as a kid to make them normal because she got bullied so hard.

  4. Cecelia Drakensang In Seattle says:

    >how to spot a pathetic western woman child

    It’s all cool. Just another visual sign to know whi is a stupid and who to avouid.

    >mY ManGleD Up AnD MutiLiaTeD EarS MeAN I AM An eLvEn PwinCess

    Uh yah, and the flesh sausage hanging between my legs that was formed from a chunk of skin cut off my forearm is a legit penis.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well it would look better if they were actually long like what people thing of being "elf ears", instead of that which looks like a goblin or pig.

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