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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do redditors like carrying a bunch of useless shit around?
    Why do they believe the peak of coolness is carrying tranime dolls along with le guns ? Is it mental illness?

    • Anonymous says:

      most likely they don’t it’s just for the photo in hopes of people commenting on their gay shit they have

      • Anonymous says:

        is right

        Why do redditors like carrying a bunch of useless shit around?
        Why do they believe the peak of coolness is carrying tranime dolls along with le guns ? Is it mental illness?

        nobody in these threads actually carries any of this shit around, they just post as much garbage as they can in hopes of looking cool
        the only things anyone needs to carry are keys, phone, and wallet. anything else is pure reddit.

    • Anonymous says:

      >a music player
      You have your phone for that.
      >a watch
      You have a wrist for that. You don’t need a bag for that.
      >pens and pencils
      For what? To draw dick picks on bathroom stalls next to your favorite glory hole?

      • Anonymous says:

        its a headphone amp, it powers actual headphones far better then your phone can which was only designed to power earbuds at passable quality, most people who will shit on them have never used one, dont have headphones that cost over $100 and listen to 128kbs mp3’s anyway.

          • Anonymous says:

            Those are electrostatic IEMs they required a dedicated amplifier to step up the voltage to 240 V.

            (Shure KSE1200 / 1500)

        • Anonymous says:

          this but also if you’re not running electrostatics like him you don’t need a huge one like that. depending on how sensitive your headphones are even a dongle might get the job done and be a massive boost in sound quality. even phones that have a headphone jack tend to have shit sound quality. only one android manufacturer ever put a decent dac in their phones over the years, i forgot which.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too much

      Too much


      The keys are in my wallet.
      And my car key is in my sling

      More than 1 fold for bills is too much


      nothing fancy because I am an E*stern E*ropean

      Too much


      Not very /fashion/, but at least i dont carry a purse.





      M 18
      I sometimes carry a uniball eye pen

      Cringe Keychain, smoker and what is even the black case on the left?

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything in this pic is gay except the knife. Anons have already asked, tell us who makes it you queer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why do you need to carry all that bullshit around? Why is the modern western man such an effeminate little b***h? If you can’t carry it in your pocket, then you don’t need it. The only time a man needs a bag is when he is going to school/college/work to carry his most important documents and items, not these useless bullshit trinkets and toys.

    • Anonymous says:

      I need my ereader all hecking day. And my earbuds. I used to put the ereader in my jacket pocket but i didnt like have all these loose things in a bunch of different pockets. Now its all neat n shiet. Its great. Also i go to the gym a lot and do sauna afterwards. It would be a stupid logistical nightmare if i didnt have the sling, you neanderthal stupid. The only thing that i dont need everyday is the 360 go camera.
      I bet you have the same fat asswallet since 5th grade with a ton of old shit in it and its giving you spine issues from sitting on it for 30 years. Lmao.

  3. Anonymous says:


    the fact that fountain wasnt even mentioned in your response lets me know you’re more of a consumerist when it comes to pens,

  4. Anonymous says:


    Thanks. What about coolest looking pens?
    Also, can’t seem to find the thread in /g/… I guess it’s been buried?

    • Anonymous says:

      The tranny jannies on /g/ got rid of the ppg threads. BUT they have recently been revived on /fashion/ under the name /wg/ – Writing General


      • Anonymous says:

        >no link to the wiki
        shame, since it’s not bad at all

  5. Anonymous says:

    >tissues (im prone to nosebleeds)
    >film camera (better than phone camera)
    >notebook/pen (i used to use my phone but i find physical notes a lot easier to keep track of)
    >drink + snack
    >book im currently reading
    >spare plastic bag incase i go shopping (i always forget to take one when i actually go + it takes up no space)

    bag is some generic milsurp canvas backpack

    • Anonymous says:

      >not a frequent /fashion/
      >find out about the Higonokami knife and think it looks cool
      >happen to look at /fashion/ a few hours later
      >find someone with that knife
      heck now I can’t but it or I’ll look like a /fashion/ user

      • Anonymous says:

        nta but you should get one. havent carried mine in a while but they’re great cheap knives and will sharpen to an edge better than plenty of expensive knives. the patina is nice also
        hitohira-japan dot com is a good importer

  6. Anonymous says:

    >no more than $100 cash for emergencies and transactions that don’t accept contactless payment
    >lip balm
    >mini power bank

    Everything carried in my patagucci fanny pack because I don’t like putting anything in my pockets. Maybe I should get a knife too but I don’t know.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Keys for car
    Smart phone

    That’s all you need, anything else you are a gaygy gay boy gay try hard

    >hurr durr here is my $300 gay pen I never use and will probably lost
    >hurr durr I carry weapon cause im a larger tough guy even though I will never use it
    >hurr durr some gay random Knick knack thingy look how artsy and different I am

    No your just gay and it’s pussy repellent

    • Anonymous says:

      this tbh

      I think most /fashion/ggots are scared of being victims and think the best solution for such a worry is carrying a knife.

      I carry a small multitool with a mini knife, bottle opener and mini screw driver. All ive ever needed to open boxes, bottles, and fix the occasional loose screw. I am 6’2 and kinda thicker though so maybe Im not the pocket knife market demographic

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re not wrong but those people make these threads interesting unlike your lame as NPC redditor loadout, NO OFFENCE

    • Anonymous says:

      >hurr durr here is my $300 gay pen I never use and will probably lost

      try spending money some time, you will be less careless with your shit.

      ever notice how people are always losing their cheap sunglasses but somehow no one with a prescription ever has this problem?

    • Anonymous says:

      >all you need
      This is a bait post but ight bra
      Ever pass through your almond brain that people need to carry some things on them daily for work? Or for emergency medical application? Or for seeing in the dark when a storm knocks out power? Seeing these pics of guys with multitools/guns/flashlights/knives whatever the heck are more realistic than the pics of dudes with just a wallet and keys. Wouldn’t want to (and probably couldn’t) rely on a guy that tells me "A wallet and keys is all you need" to begin with. More than likely is a Euro that is coping with the fact they aren’t allowed to carry whatever the heck they want, or someone else with generally minimal life experience. Eat my ass

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      • Anonymous says:

        >need to carry some things on them daily for work?
        then keep them at work not on your person dumbass
        >Or for emergency medical application?
        lmfao yeah I’m sure you’re rambo regularly getting into firefights and need to patch yourself up all the time huh
        >Or for seeing in the dark when a storm knocks out power?
        do you live in brazil or something? storms haven’t "knocked out power" in the first world since like the early 2000s
        >Wouldn’t want to (and probably couldn’t) rely on a guy that tells me "A wallet and keys is all you need" to begin with
        who gives a heck who you’d rely on dumb queer
        >Euro that is coping with the fact they aren’t allowed to carry whatever the heck they want
        again, you’re a third worlder who has never even been to europe and formed your opinion on internet memes lmfao
        >generally minimal life experience
        bro more life experience doesn’t mean you carry more shit in your pockets lmfao what a stupid argument
        >Sent from my Whirlpool Smart Refrigerator using Tapatalk
        so hecking quirky my dude!! r/comedy is gonna love this!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are all of you actually legit autistic by chance? Not even kidding it’s a serious question.
    All this random useless shit you lot are carrying.. I don’t even believe it I think you just put it there for the photo but if not then holy shit.

    Literally all you need. With your hecking uhhh look i put my gun there… ohh what "writing utencil" is that?? Look at my little ass knife, except I don’t carry it with me cause it might get me in trouble. Look at all my random trinkets too.

    • Anonymous says:

      OP here. I work out and I use the pen to write down my shit. I use the edding to dunk on leftist moron shit all over town

  9. Anonymous says:

    Biggest challenge is not buying toys or random garbage to EDC. the preparedness side of edc has me carrying garbage thinking ill use it but never do while never having what I really need. things that look cool are just toys if they don’t out perform a simple Velcro wallet, or keying, or pants pocket. for example a binder clip is basically the same thing as a money clip but both are better than just putting loose bills or cards in your pockets. most of the edc’s i have seen today are toys and hardly acceptable beyond aesthetics. Shouldn’t things look good and be functional? funko pop tier edc. show me edc that you couldn’t go without that is a cut above basic!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone recommend me a good bag that will hold a laptop, spiral notebook and other school supplies?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for a sling bag that I can carry basics like passport, wallet, battery, and packable tote for traveling in japan. Want it to be cheap.

  12. Anonymous says:

    >pocket knife (Ruike)
    >keys (Ridge)
    >wallet (Ridge)
    >single wipe (Wet Ones)
    >single wipe (Shoe Hardware)
    >thc vape (various)
    >phone (Galaxy S24 Ultra)
    >watch (Galaxy 6 Classic)
    >pistol (Glock 19, modded)
    Wife is pregnant so I’ll have a go/baby bag before long. At that point I’ll add in
    >headphones (Galaxy Buds 2)
    >tablet (Kindle Fire 7)
    >way more hand wipes

  13. Anonymous says:

    > phone (no case)
    > wallet
    > keys
    > cash & coins measured out so I can pay exact change in 5 cent increments from $0.05 to $100
    I need a smaller wallet though. Old leather thing I got as a gift over 10 years ago as a teenager. All gunked up with old giftcards that I’ll probably never use.

  14. Anonymous says:


    >le retro technology bro! I’m so quirky!
    I don’t carry a phone because i’m not a gay. Let me guess, you need to be connected to the internet all the time?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m hasguns but CCW is a b***h to get in my county and I’m moving to a free state in a few months.

  16. Anonymous says:

    GoRuck GR1 21L
    Cotton face mask
    Muji pen
    Joseph Joseph cutlery set
    Alcohol hand gel
    iPhone 13 mini
    KZ headphones
    Sansa clip mp3 player
    Copper double wall bottle

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