Does anyone else hate how normie and accessible brands like Studio D'Artisan, Samurai Jeans, Pure Blue Japan, Oni, Iron Heart, and Momotaro have …

Does anyone else hate how normie and accessible brands like Studio D’Artisan, Samurai Jeans, Pure Blue Japan, Oni, Iron Heart, and Momotaro have become?

28 thoughts on “Does anyone else hate how normie and accessible brands like Studio D'Artisan, Samurai Jeans, Pure Blue Japan, Oni, Iron Heart, and Momotaro have …

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you explain why this bothers you? Has the quality of materials or construction decreased in any measure?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not OP, but I don’t like being associated with the unwashed rabble. It makes me feel things I’d rather not.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s popular is usually shit.
      And if it’s popular, that means little effort has gone into finding it. Part of wearing something niche is to show that you put in at least a bit more effort than the normalfag.

      ‘Bad writers necessary-
      There will always have to be bad writers, for they reflect the taste of the undevelop’d, immature age groups, who have needs as much as the mature do.
      Moreover, these people demand satisfaction of their needs with the greater vehemence of youth and they /force/ the existence of bad authors’.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is stupidation: the post. Anything that’s popular must be shit? Just think about that. Wranglers must be shit because a lot of people wear them? It’s makes absolutely zero sense. If you were to just say that you don’t like it because it’s technically not a niche thing anymore, then I would actually have more respect for that, but saying it’s shit because it’s popular is hecking stupid. That would be like saying that Chopin was absolutely shit because he is the most influential classical pianist lmao. Iron hearts in the big picture really aren’t that popular. Yeah, if you’re already really into denim then you’re definitely going to know about them, but 99.9% of people still are unaware of them while those same people know about Levis. At the end of the day, Iron Heart makes objectively great jeans and that’s why people buy them. Probably not worth $350, but still really great stuff

        • Anonymous says:

          >Iron hearts in the big picture really aren’t that popular
          Yeah, barely anyone knows about these raw denim brands besides denim autists. They are far from popular and most normies can’t be bothered with the autism that goes into wearing and maintaining these jeans.

        • Anonymous says:

          No he is saying that by the time a brand is a household name, you don’t want it. By then the company has shifted to spending so much on marketing and other things that they by necessity cut corners with the product itself. It’s just part of the cycle of business. I’m not saying this is happening to the brands OP mentioned, but just in general if a brand ia a household name it means a better, more well made version exists out there somewhere.

          • Anonymous says:

            I understand that, but he is implying that those specific brands are actually cutting corners, which from my experience purchasing clothing from IH and Samurai is not actually the case. The japs realize that there’s a demand for this stuff in western countries, so they are increasing their marketing, but they aren’t necessarily increasing their production because their entire business is founded upon older methods of making clothing which objectively produce fabrics at extremely slower paces compared to modern methods. Because their entire business is founded on this, there’s not much reason to think that they’re going to start cutting corners and start making shitty clothing any time soon. On top of this, we are talking about Japanese people whose entire culture will never break away from its obsession with perfectionism and honor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They’re not really normie. Maybe a maximum of like 1% of people in any major US city are wearing a pair of Japanese selvedge. That number is astronomically lower in rural areas. I love my iron hearts though, literally the best jeans I’ve ever worn

  3. Anonymous says:

    You need to chill out and accept that raw denim is not going anywhere. This is another sad attempt of yours to influence anons away from superior denim. You’re the same homo that made multiple threads the last few weeks about how these same raw denim brands are now somehow corporate. When you realized that that was basically bullshit for obvious reasons (shuttle looms literally cannot produce much fabric; low amounts of product supply; small target market) you now have to resort to some other dishonest, indirect rationale to influence people away from Japanese selvedge by arguing that “selvedge is now normie”. Obviously this is bullshit too for the reasons I just explained. I don’t really understand why you even care. This stuff is a niche hobby that’s limited to a relatively small subculture of autists who are willing to drop a few hundred bucks on some jeans. I feel like if you were actually honest, you would just admit that you simply don’t want to spend that much money on jeans and that you would rather wear a pair of wranglers, which is completely fine, theyre great jeans too

  4. Sieg says:

    Why can’t everyone just listen to black keys, listen to Mumford and sons, jack off to zoey deschanel from 500 days of summer, wear unbranded jeans and Clark’s desert boots and wear pointer jackets or AA hoodies

    Times have changed leave these brands in the past and dress to modern day standards boomie

    • Anonymous says:

      >normie and acessible
      the average person outside is wearing walmart, target and fast fashion "denim", maybe shitty modern Levis.

      All of Siegs posts read like he is still stuck in early 2010s

      • Anonymous says:

        >like he is still stuck in early 2010s
        He is, though. That’s roughly when he was sorta relevant on this board. Nowadays not even half the regulars know who he is.

        • Anonymous says:

          The new people that recognize him is because of that weird time in what was 4 years ago (damn, time flies) when him and that Indre girl were spamming and shitting up every single thread on the board every single day at all times.

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