Do you have model features?

If you lack any of these, you’re disqualified:

>No signs of fat in face and neck area
>Full head of hair without visible signs of balding
>Straight mandible (basically, a visible jawline outline in profile view that isn’t overly round)
>Straight white teeth
>Midface ratio (pupil distance divided by distance between upper lip and nose bridge) between 0.95 and 1.1
>Minimal upper eyelid visibility when eyes are open
>Neutral or positive canthal tilt
>Masculine almond eye shape, eyes should be more wide than tall and not very rounded (hunter eyes, not prey eyes)
>Gonial angle (between ramus and mandible in profile view) between 110 and 125 degrees
>Height of at least 5’10”, preferably 6′ or above.

>High cheekbones (closer to eyes than to mouth)
>Thick eyebrows
>Positive eyebrow tilt
>Facial width to height ratio over 1.8
>Nose width no more than 1/3.5 of cheekbone with
>Straight, not hooked nose
>Chin to philtrum ratio of over 2.0
>Full lips
>Thick hair
>Equal facial thirds
>Thick neck
>Eyes are around one eye length apart, no more no less
>Forehead no higher than 3 fingers

18 thoughts on “Do you have model features?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do.
    Also, I appreciate this level of autistic rational analysis of attractiveness.
    Someone could build a pretty decent rating algorithm with this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m an actual male model, but I’ve only done work for smaller brands in my city + some work in Japan
    only real good traits I have are:
    >strong jawline
    >green eyes
    >fairly thin
    >thick lips
    >nice teeth
    >good eyebrow+hair texture&color (my hairline is hecked but my hair covers it)
    I don’t have a lot of lookism type traits like strong zygomatic bones, I have a negative canthal tilt, maxilla is pretty recessed but nothing normal people find weird
    I don’t know how I get employed to do work but I manage it
    don’t make a living off modeling btw I just do side jobs and make essentially nothing but I guess I’m technically able to claim I’m a model lol

      • Anonymous says:

        you’re not wrong
        I also want to clarify, me modeling in japan isn’t "lol yea b***h I get paid to fly first class to do MODELING in JAPAN and I get PAID"
        it’s more like I’ve networked with the owners of smaller brands and they pay me to do work while I’m already in japan
        I buy plane tickets+hotel+food+whatever, then get paid small amounts of $ to model, then when I go back home I’m still in the negative because I model for small brands, I’m not a face for Gucci or some shit
        not as glamorous as people IRL I tell this to imagine it to be lol
        people I meet just think "wow you’re so tall and dress so nice and you’re a model? that’s cool!"
        not realizing it more or less doesn’t matter

  3. Anonymous says:

    everything except the eyelids (scandinavian/hooded eyes) before injury
    my jaws slightly crooked and my nose is a bit kinked from boxing and dropping a weight bar stuff like that

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Full head of stupidly thick curly brown hair
    >Some baby fat in my cheeks and neck, but minimal (I’m skinny)
    >Big chin on an otherwise somewhat narrow jaw
    >Fairly big roman nose but not to the point that it looks ugly or weird
    >Undefined cheekbones
    >Thick, prominent eyebrows that I need to constantly pluck to prevent them from merging
    >Insanely thick and good beard growth, even though I’m clean shaven right now I still constantly have some degree of five o’clock shadow
    >Height is just average
    >I like my eyes, dunno how a face measuring incel would rate them, they are brown and a somewhat big and din’t have any noticeable angles or whatever
    I’m not gonna hecking measure my face like some kind of incel. I know that I look average to good but that I’m not model tier. Admittedly I am a bit obsessed with my face though, but I’m an insecure anxious wreck in general.

    In hindsight why tf did I bother typing all this shit out

  5. sage says:

    Absolutely not. My skin is hecked, my features are asymmetrical, and my teeth are not white and crooked on bottom. It’s a miracle I got an attractive wife. It’s the reason I don’t buy the blackpill bullshit.

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