19 thoughts on “Do you guys wash shoes in the washer? good idea or bad? Like in a pillow case or something

  1. Anonymous says:

    saw this pair of shoes at the store today. didnt like the brown gum tho for some reason. just went with some basic white excees instead. first pair of nikes ive bought in probably a decade

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wash them by hand. I put them in a bucket with water and clothes soap and leave them there for some minutes so the soap gets everywhere. Then I brush them and then I pour water on them to take all the soap possible and that’s all.

    Is this a good or bad way to do it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you really cant figure it out on your own get one of those crep protect kits, with a brush (useful for cleaning treads and cleaning shit off) a microfiber, cleaning spray, protectant spray, and sometimes silicone waterproofing.

    • Anonymous says:

      good advice but overkill for a pair of nikes if op was being specific with his pic.
      nikes aren’t even leather you’re cleaning off a layer of plastic.

  4. Anonymous says:

    With converse I just chuck (hehe) them in the wash rawdog. I don’t think machine washing anything else would be smart, especially not leather sneakers like your pic

    • Anonymous says:


      jason markk is expensive for what it is but the fact that it’s a concentrated detergent means you can use significantly less

      i clean my shoes pretty often and i’ve had the same bottle last me over a year

  5. Anonymous says:

    yes but never do it with the kind of shoe in OP pic.
    only machine wash canvas or knit upper type shoes.
    only in front loader washing machines that let you fully disable the spin cycle. laces out.
    hand washing is always better.
    shoes like OP pic, FPBP use a magic eraser.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Uh, no? Because I don’t shit where I eat. Go wash your filthy shoes — that have stepped in dog shit and all kinds of other filth for months — in the bathroom sink with your hands.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Never machine wash shoes.

    I’ve dealt with so many hecking stupids asking for warranties and replacements because they take stupid hecking advice and throw them into their washing machine with their clothes and they melt the sole because most sneakers and "machine washable" shoes are made with dogshit chinesium materials.

    You can literally use cheap soap and if its a leather based shoe just condition it lightly with Lexol or a neutral cream afterwards.

    Also : Why the heck would you want the shit you step on to be soaking with the rest of your clothes?

    >source i work at a shoe store and sell shoes to absolute stupids every single day

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