Do I have philophobia?

Nothing occurred in my life. I should have nothing to be afraid of. But when people start telling me they "like" me, anger fills me and I end up hating the guy. I don't talk to them for as long as I can.

My friend that I've known since kindergarten admitted he liked me last year. I stopped talking to him ever since.

One of my closest friends said he liked me. I rejected him in a second and didn't talk to him again.

A guy that I've never liked and never will, likes me. I just ignore him like I always did...

I think I may like someone. But I push it away until I don't have that feeling anymore. It has happened many times. I fell in love, then got over it as fast as I could.

But now it's like my brain won't let me get over it. It drives me insane and I don't know what to do. It also happens with my family. I mean, I don't love them...

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