19 thoughts on “Did kanye change fashion?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Streetwear then:

    Streetwear now:
    >Monotone minimalism
    >Either expensive designer gray sweatshirts or AliExpress gray sweatshirts
    >All looks stolen from Instagram
    >Just following the herd

    • Anonymous says:

      Big and true.

      I recently used waybackmachine and archive sites to compare what shops sell now as opposed to even just 5 or more years ago, and it’s gotten so hecking colourless. We also don’t have any of the affordable-but-still-trying brands like gosha rubchisnkiy and uniqlo u is a hollow shell of its former self

      • Anonymous says:

        everyone looks decent now, but so samey. instagram’s monopoly on youth fashion makes it a bit boring
        microtrends come and go quicker than ever and the same base of "loose fitting, solid color featureless clothes" remains

        • Anonymous says:


          every younger normie dresses moderately well now and understands layering and loose fitting > plain and slim fit

          but everyone looks exactly the same, there is no expression, more so just complimenting your body type. it shows a heightened sense of self awareness more than a desire to express oneself. people are too insecure to do that now. at best, most people just look like a better articulated outfit from a past generation they weren’t alive for

      • Anonymous says:

        >We also don’t have any of the affordable-but-still-trying brands
        i actually quite like demna but i completely blame him for this. when he started selling $800 t shirts and $700 reeboks, fashion houses and even random new brands just started charging hundreds for shit with nothing to back it up

  2. Anonymous says:

    Virgil Abloh in cooperation with Kanye ruined fashion and everyone ate it up simply because they’re black creatives. There are some beautiful off-white Jordan collabs, don’t get me wrong, but in general the aesthetic these two influenced is hecking atrocious

    • Anonymous says:

      the one who ruined fashion was Bernard Arnault when he made LVMH into a near-monopolist in the luxury fashion segment through scummy business practices, and then did his best to turn high fashion into a hypercommercialised, monotonous rapper-centric industry with much lower quality, lower focus on creativity and much higher prices than ever before
      Virgil Abloh is only a symptom of this shift, as signified by his role at LV. you can think of him as Arnault’s "house nigga"

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to second this. Kanye was such a fashion gay right before Virgil stole his thunder and subsequently stole his platform to marry his music and the trends he was influencing before off white cheap trashy street wear took over alongside supreme.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lot of bad takes in here. Kanye (and Virgil) did change fashion, and for the better. They improved streetwear, not necessarily high fashion (but there are a few instances of them doing good there too) it’s actually what Kanye’s beef with the fashion industry has been about this entire time. Him having ideas and high fashion / luxury fashion houses saying "no" to his ideas. Without Kanye things would have moved a lot slower, young men would be even more constrained with what they could wear. As far as streetwear goes, he and Virgil ushered us out of the baggy clothes and gangster era. I’d give some credit to Pharrell and Nigo with Bathing Ape, Kid Cudi becoming popular also helped, The Cool Kids, and Odd Future (helping to bring in Supreme and other Skate brands), and then the Asap Mob. There’s a reason why people love Virgil, even though he kind of sucked as a designer and was a bit of a hack, some of his ideas were progressive.

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