Designing interiors for calm: Your quick guide for the new year We can't keep up if we don't place higher value on calmness and solitude. Here's how to make your home the epitome of tranquil in 2021.

If this year leaves us with any new wisdom, it’ll be about the value of calm and solitude in our often busy and hectic lives. In the past year, many millions of people have been able to pause and reflect on the injustices in the world or the issues in their lives, and approach them with a little more clarity than before. Many have been trapped at home, but have created safe, secure, and calming places to relax when things become too much. In this piece, we’re going to look at expanding those calm spaces to make your home the epitome of tranquil in 2021.

Light and dark

A home will feel calm when it lets in a lot of natural light. Natural light is said to be better for one’s mental health than artificial light – and it helps you keep a regular body clock too – which experts say helps us sleep better. Moreover, it’s lovely being able to see the outside world for all its glory through our windows. The tip here, then? Remove blinds in favor of curtains, and have your default mode in all of your rooms a light, breezy, and calming sense of light and space.

House plants

You’ve known for a whole that having house plants is supposed to boost your mental health – but maybe you’ve not followed through on that knowledge. It might not be true that the presence of plants makes us happier – though there is science behind this assertion – it’s certainly true that tending to one’s houseplants is a relaxing pursuit.

Also, nature in our home reminds us of nature outside of our home, and that is connected with hundreds of calming walks and reclines in forests and on beaches, which will make you calmer in your home. Take a look at Hemsly and consider a free form 3 tier plant stand to arrange your plants in your home around the wonderful rule of three.

Less screens

Your technology is unlikely to be making you happier. That’s according to the majority of research, anyway, which asserts that social media makes us tense and anxious, that emails make us upset and stressed, and that gaming and watching endless films and television makes us lethargic and apathetic. To make your home calmer and more wholesome, try putting the screens away. Make the center of the room feel like the center of a room – not a wall on which is mounted a huge black mirror.


Music is universally seen, across all of the cultures of the world, as a calming and even meditative asset that humanity is lucky to have. As such, there’s no reason why your home shouldn’t always be primed to be playing a little music – across all of your rooms, if necessary. Smart speakers connect to your phone’s playlists and will synchronize how they play throughout your home, giving you a brilliant stereo sound system that follows you from room to room.

Optimize your home for calm and peace with the tips that are provided above – all designed to provide you with maximize calm in your interiors in 2021.

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