61 thoughts on “deadass just gripped a new yankees fitted

  1. Anonymous says:

    Saint Laurent Paris. Just seeing that name alone should strike a sense of intimidation and jealousy into you. Hedi Slimane’s vision was completely unparalleled. I, for one, pull his look off perfectly. A simple teddy jacket, skinny jeans, and my classic wyatt harness boots can make anybody feel intimidation from my rockstar vibes. Many try, but fail to pull off the look and execute Hedi’s vision correctly, unlike me.

        • Anonymous says:

          redditors are too effeminate to enjoy sports. sports are just a normal guy interest for people who aren’t terminally online

          • Anonymous says:

            Watching sports doesn’t make you masculine, it makes you stupid. Playing pickup basketball or doing jiujitsu is masculine. Watching Other people play a ballgame on tv for hours is not. It’s just fat stupid behavior for people too stupid to have anything more interesting to talk about.

          • Anonymous says:

            i agree with you in general, but there’s a kind of effeminacy so advanced where even watching other people engage in masculine activities like playing sports upsets you. that’s the level of effeminacy that redditors have reached. they can’t appreciate the value of sports so they need to be extremely vocal about how much they dislike them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately I used a straight guy time machine to go back in time and heck him before all of you guys hecked him, sorry

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