Data breaches: it's not just big business at risk

Data breaches, hacking, and cyberattacks are on the rise. It can often seem like there’s a new story every week about a big business that’s been victim to this type of attack. However, it’s not just the large companies that are at risk when it comes to cybercrime. In fact, small businesses tend to be even more attractive targets to hackers and cybercriminals because they do not believe it’s going to happen to them. Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that because they run a small company that isn’t very well-known, they are safe. Unfortunately, this leads to a lack of security and awareness in small businesses, providing a suitable environment for cybercriminals to compromise.

Phishing attacks

FBI's Internet Crime Complain Center said that it’s now receiving between 3,000 and 4,000 cybersecurity complaints every day, up from the average 1,000 complaints per day the center saw before COVID-19 took hold.

Phishing attacks are something that could happen to anybody. Both individuals and businesses can fall victim to a phishing attack where a cybercriminal tricks you into providing them with sensitive information by appearing to be a trusted source. For example, you might get an email from your bank asking you to log in to online banking, but when you log in you’re not actually on the bank’s website and your keystrokes are being logged by the hacker, who now has your username and password. Since anybody could be easily taken in by a phishing attack, they can be quite a common threat to small businesses.


Ransomware is one of the most dangerous attacks that small businesses face in terms of cybersecurity. With a ransomware attack, you are left with no choice but to pay a ransom to avoid a data breach, with no guarantee that your data will not be compromised anyway. Ransomware attacks are very malicious and small businesses are often the biggest targets since they are less likely to have the security defenses in place to deal with the attack without paying the ransom.

Password security

Password security is hugely important for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals. If your company does not have a strong password policy, you are putting yourself at a higher risk than you need to be. Strong, unguessable passwords are essential for guarding against data breaches, and it’s important that all employees use passwords that are unique and are not shared with anybody else. Regular password changing is not always necessary for security, however, if a data breach is suspected, the password should be changed immediately.

How to protect yourself and your business

Nobody is safe from cybercrime and the various types of cyberattacks that hackers use to steal data or extort money from businesses. Thankfully there are several ways to protect yourself and your company from these attacks. Firstly, you can check the publicly available data on yourself at Nuwber so that you know what hackers could potentially find out about you that might make it easier for them to guess your password, for example, if you use your year of birth as part of your password. Secondly, one of the best things that small businesses can do to protect themselves against cyberattacks is to work with a reputable IT company. If you do not have the budget to hire a full in-house IT team, outsourcing IT to a full-service provider is the best way to ensure that your company has the strongest security in place.

Today anybody could fall victim to cybercrime; make sure that you and your business are protected.

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