Dark circles

What can improve them? In my case, they’re a combination of genetics, chronic sleep problems, and allergies. I can’t really fix my genetics, but I’m working on fixing my sleep an allergies, to the degree that I can anyway. Still, they’re just so bad. Isn’t there anything other than makeup that can make them look better?

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    • Anonymous says:

      sry I respond to wrong thread 🙁

      Hydration and makeup honestly, for short term. Long term get onto some sleep/anxiety meds or hit up a dispensary if its legal in your area; I smoke a little bit before bed each night and sleep like a toddler, I had sleep issues for 10+ years before that. Also are you a drinker? If you drink too much, especially to help sleep, you enter a really screwed up sleep pattern which differs from the typical REM cycle so even though you’re sleeping, you’re not getting healthy sleep.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not willing to take medication for sleep. I used to take sleeping pills. Long story short, I developed a nasty benzo habit that too me a long time to get off. I’ve been totally drug free for years now and I don’t want to go back. Cannabis isn’t legal in my state so that’s not even an option. I don’t drink.

        My thing right now is that I know I have to overcome the sleep and allergy problems. What I’m looking for from this board is more like specific skincare or makeup recommendations, maybe other lifestyle habits not obviously related to sleep allergies. For example, I’ve noticed they’re not as bad when I’m tanned in the summer. I also sleep better in the summer. Jan-March is pretty much the worst time of year for me. My health sucks in general. When I was young, I never understood why boomers want to move to swamps and deserts like Florida and Arizona but now I get it because I feel like absolute shit for those few months and I look like hell.

        • Anonymous says:

          not OP, but i also have shitty sleep, 10 hours every day, but wake up even more tired. do you think smoking just CBD would help? or do you need THC as well?

          • Anonymous says:

            Consuming gelatin will help. I’ve heard you can apply it topically to your face, but consuming it probably does just as much good and has a plethora of other benefits (including drastically improved sleep)

            Pretty sure THC is bad for your sleep- have you gotten tested for sleep apnea?

            You look MENA from your skin tone and eyes. Its cute. Embrace it.

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          • Anonymous says:

            >Pretty sure THC is bad for your sleep- have you gotten tested for sleep apnea?
            yeah, i have some mild apnea, nothing serious. i have chronic rhinitis which i can’t get rid of, no allergies though.
            i’m pretty much going crazy, even started suspecting there’s mold in my house

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve also used one- I think it is supposed to be custom but I got one just off amazon and its like a mouthguard for sports where you put it in boiling water and it softens up, then you put it in your mouth and let it mold to your teeth. It definitely helped but my problem was solved more by mouth taping

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