Cuck You: The 4chan guide to politics

If you’ve been wading into Twitter lately you’ll notice Donald Trump has a lot of ostensibly Nazi supporters.

He also has ‘supporters’ from free-speech absolutists, the boys at 4chan (yes boys).

You may have seen some strange terms. Looked at some strange things. Wondered, what the actual…?

Not to worry; we present the indispensable Guide for Chads and Stacies everywhere to Pepe Politics from 4chan.

Cuckservative – word designed to suggest a cuckolded conservative, for example, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin or any other nominal conservatives supporting an abortionist gun-controlling money-printer.

Just kidding! Do you f*** wit 2chans?

No, seriousy, cuckservative is the 4chan word for a conservative. It has to do with the fact 4chan’s girlfriends f**k around on them and they are obsessed with being cuckolded because they have some homo-erotic / masochist thing going on.

No crying now lads, you can dish it out you can take it – ‘cuckservative’ means you have problems.

Pepé the Frog – Pepe is an old meme that got ruined by Tumblr last year but has resurfaced to support Donald Trump. Real 4chan-ers aren’t on Twitter anyway so folks tweeting him at you are basically wannabes.

4chan lost its hive mind when Donald Trump’s intern RTed a Pepe from his account.

He also ‘accidentally’ picked up a racist delegate the other day.

As the above pepe shows, 4chan aren’t stupid and don’t support Trump. They just love how upset he makes people. They are weapons grade trollers and they recognize a kindred spirit in Trump. To be perfectly fair, rightly so.

Chad – a normal man. This is not good.

Stacy – a normal woman. This is even worse. Stacy is to 4chan what Becky is to Beyoncé.

So wait, are 4chan bad people?

A friend of mine on the site says no, for the main part. They are just kids who use racist, sexist and homophobic words or images for effect. They are equal-opportunity offenders.

There was a thoughtful 4chan post which explained that 4chan’s ‘support’ for Trump is actually just meme-based performance art. I dig that.

If you pass your mouse over this post (in the link) Donald Trump will rip off Bernie Sanders’ head, Sanders dressed in an Isis execution jumpsuit. It’s outrageous if you want it to be, but are you outraged at Game of Thrones? no? Then Cuck Off.

So as you can see, 4chan For Trump is basically performance art.

Can’t Stump the Trumplatest in a long line of 4chan memes.

So, sure, 4chan are Reddit’s naughty little sister but nobody asked you to read them. And among all the outrageous stuff they very often make entirely correct points that nobody else has the balls to make:

and sometimes they are just basically hilarious sorry

And i have to admit that ‘Mark Cuckerberg’ made me laugh.

Stacy out

P.S. Are you using Brave yet? Delay the skynet by using the browser that automatically strips all tracking and ads. Brendan Eich (of JavaScript fame) is its CEO.

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